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Paciente Alejandro 1

Alex with his soft toys

From the José Carreras Foundation we want to share Alejandro's testimony and his plans with you. He is now a five year old little boy and who can explain his story better than Carlos, his father:

"Everything started on a July the 9th of 2009, when my three year old little boy Alex was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with an intermediate risk.

We all want to live a ‘normal' life: work, own house, car, family, holidays..., following fixed standards and guided by the welfare society whilst everything goes well, there is nothing else outside ‘our frontier areas'. This was MY WORLD before.

But, as I was saying, everything started on July the 9th of 2009. The same as every morning, we got up, had breakfast and took him to the nursery. But at noon, Alex started having a pain in his belly; it was very swollen and as hard as a stone. We thought it would be a typical virus and that it would go with a little bit of rest, Dalsy or Apiretal, but nothing could be further from the truth. We finally took him to A&E and they carried out a blood test. The pediatrician of the emergency room didn't tell us the diagnostic, but told us Alex had to stay in the hospital for more testing the next day. When we saw his face and how he was saying it, I asked him to please be sincere with us because I knew something bad was happening. When I heard the news, the world became small, the pain is indescribable and you can't stop crying. The night was eternal, my wife and I where two souls in pain that we couldn't console each other because we didn't have any consolation; only pain.

Paciente Alejandro 2

Little Alex, smiling

Paciente Alejandro 3

Alex enthusiastically playing with the console

The fact is that the day after, they carried out a bone marrow aspiration and with that they confirmed the result: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. It was very hard to hear that because there is always a hope that they are going to tell you something else, but they didn't. Anyway, Dr. Luis Madero, who for us was God's representative on Earth from that moment, calmed us down and gave us encouraging words, so that from a state of anxiety, depression and anguish we went to some minutes of calm.

After that, we had to give the news to the other members of the family: his 9 year old brother, his grandparents, his aunts and uncles and I guess you can imagine the situation.

Paciente Alejandro 4

Alex with his brother

It has been 2 years since our lives made a 360º turn. During all this time we had to overcome different states of mind, removing stones from the road and it would have been difficult to do it without the support of friends and family.

Paciente Alejandro 5

Alex with his parents and brother

Paciente Alejandro 6

Alex with his family

Thank God, these two years passed very fast and it seems our lives are starting to turn again, not backwards, but forwards and with more healing expectations that the ones we had. This is a day-to-day, in the same way we can be up, we can go down again, but every minute and every hour that passes, little by little, we are winning the battle against leukaemia.

Paciente Alejandro 7

Alex with his school uniform

As I always tell my little boy, he still has to cause me a lot of trouble and it is not his time to become an angel yet. What makes him suffer also makes him stronger, so we are sure we will finally defeat this battle. On July the 5th, the doctor told him to stop taking his drugs, no more pills, and from that day everything is the key for the healing, because in the case he had a relapse (he has a 90% probability not to), he will have to go to a transplant. But, for now, we are positive, and now it is time for blood tests every month during the next six months. After that, we will see, but we always look at the future. A Woody Allen quote, which he likes a lot says: ‘I like the future, for that is where I am going to spend the rest of my life.'

Paciente Alejandro 8

Alex has stopped medication

I only have to tell you to enjoy life and make others enjoy their lives too. Time passes fast and life goes at the same speed. Last Friday the 8th, was his birthday number 5 and on Saturday the 9th his second chance began, so welcome to that day too. It has already been two years, time passes very fast...

As you know, Alex's plans are becoming true little by little, but there is still one which is really very important and that we desire from the bottom of our hearts and is that leukaemia becomes someday a disease capable of being cured in all of the cases. My son blew the candles on his 5th birthday with the same strength which he fought against this cruel disease with and for now he has defeated it.

Paciente Alejandro 9

Alex on the day of his 5th Birthday

Thank you all for all your support and for all the love and affection we have felt".


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