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July 2010

"Hello, first of all I would like to apologise for not publishing my photo or for telling you my name but I prefer to remain anonymous as not many people know my story.  In this way I have been able to have a normal life without questions and looks of pity.

I'm 36 and we had finally decided to have a child. When we began to suspect that I was pregnant I had the usual blood test done.  This blood test told us two things; firstly, that I was pregnant and secondly, that something was wrong with my blood.  After various tests and within three days they confirmed that I had Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML).  Imagine our faces.  The first thing you think is that it can't be true, then you think "why me?" and then after some days you realise that these things happen and unfortunately too often.  Next we had to decide what to do; if I started taking the best treatment for it ‘Glivec', then I would have to end my pregnancy.  However, we didn't want this as it would surely be the best chance we would have to have a child.  We decided to continue with the pregnancy without medication for the first few months with weekly controls and with Interferon treatment (an old treatment) until the end of the pregnancy and then we would decide.

A few days later I had to go to Casualty because of the pregnancy and there they carried out our second scan.  When the gynaecologist told me "They are both fine", I asked "who?" His answer was the two babies. "It can't be so," I replied.  But yes, I was pregnant with twins.  After breathing deeply, I realised how lucky I was: Destiny had given me a piece of bad news but also the best news possible; I was going to have two children which was all I wanted.  At first we were in shock, it was all like a film.  In any case we continued with our plan which was to have a family.  And that's how it went, I went to the hospital every week and in the meantime I dedicated my time to looking after our daughters: I fed them well, relaxed them with music, told them stories and told them what their mummy and daddy were like and how much we loved them.

I'm not going to lie; I had to visit Casualty several times to receive transfusions and I had to give myself injections etc... My daughters were born a little early but they were healthy and believe me -beautiful.

What is my life plan? Make my daughters happy and to be happy with my husband, watching them grow.  How do I look after myself?  I do everything my doctor tells me and I make sure I laugh every day.  I can't let myself waste time thinking about what happened.  I know that now I am here with them and this is what is important.  My daughters are a miracle and I am going to enjoy them as much as possible.  Life is a struggle but has big rewards.  I know that I am very lucky.

Warm regards to everyone and stay positive. We have to keep going!


A microscopic view of negative Philadelphia Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

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