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Paciente LMC 1

Cells with chronic myeloid leukaemia

"In November 20o7, I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). It all started with a routine test. The worst thing was the uncertainty in the early days; in my case, not knowing what it was proved harder than accepting the fact that I was ill. Curioulsy enough, when my haematologist confirmed the initial diagnosis and told me about the treatment, I felt really reassured. I know that Imatinib, the drug I'm taking, won't make the beast vanish, but, for the time being, it is caged; and the thing is, my life hasn't changed a bit. I haven't had any symptoms or physical limitations. I'm quite a vibrant person and like doing stuff. I'm always up to something. I think we musntn't let our fears win. If being afraid of what might happen stops us living each day to the full, we'll miss the everyday beauty that, when looking attentively, we find in people, in things, in the air".


This person wishes to remain anonymous so as not to cause any concern to their family. We respect their decision, send them our love and encourage them to keep fighting.

Nowadays, Chronic Myeloid Lekaemia is not usually treated with transplants, because a few years ago a drug called Imatinib was found to be effective against it. Although it does not cure the disease, it can keep it "at bay" in many cases.

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