Antonio Saura's Graphic work

The first portfolio, designed by Miquel Flotats, included an original print by Antonio Saura, with a text discussing the screen print written by the art critic Arnau Puig and a text by José Carreras.

This original print was hand-stamped by J.Mª Calzado on Arches 88 paper (300gr). In a total of five colors, its measurements are 534x750mm.

The edition has been limited to 75 copies numbered 1/75 through 75/75 out of which 10 are for the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, 15 copies numbered I/XV through XV/XV are for the author and 6 copies numbered HC 1/6 through HC 6/6 are for partners.

Antonio Saura was born in Huesca, 1930. Self-taught, he began painting in 1947 during a long period of illness. From 1953 to 1955 he lived in Paris where he participated in the surrealist movement. In 1956, he exhibited a selection of his work at the national library in Madrid alongside some of his first works created exclusively in black and white. The following year, he exhibited his work in Paris for the first time in the Stadler Gallery. That same year, while living in Madrid, he founded the El Paso Group for which he gave talks and published texts and manifestos.

In 1959 he began making prints with the Pintiquinitras series. From then on, he continued to exhibit his work in large cities such as New York, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Brussels. In 1963 he was commissioned to create the sets for Lorca's theatre work Casa de Bernarda Alba, which was performed for the first time in Madrid. 1965 marked a turning point in his life, when he settled permanently in Paris and destroyed almost 100 paintings throughout the summer, thus commencing a 10 year period during which he worked exclusively on paper. He continued to exhibit his work at galleries and museums in countries throughout the world, including Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. In addition to his original art work, he was also interested in and worked throughout his artistic career on print making in which he made use of a variety of techniques. He also created numerous illustrated books in participation with well-known Spanish and international authors. He died in 1998.

"The painter Antonio Saura showed his desire to collaborate with the Foundation by donating some of his limited edition prints as solidarity works of art. It was thanks to this donation that the Foundation decided to create an original graphic art collection of contemporary artists, in order to raise funds for the Foundation that I chair.

Unfortunately Antonio Saura died of leukaemia. His final work is a testament to the solidarity he showed towards others. For this reason we wanted the first folder of this collection to be in honour of this great painter".

José Carreras

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