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Letter of Blai to the Foundation:

"I have suffered from a serious illness (aplastic anemia) for two years.  and during this period of time I have met some true heroes; real people that for me are an example to follow.  The majority of those months have been spent in the haematological ward at La Fe Hospital.  For the time when I am not in the hospital, I have not missed a single weekly appointment in twenty months.   

blai 2

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Blai, enjoying his favourite sport, cycling

To be in hospital for so long and to go each week to the day clinic has made me aware of one thing:  Lots and lots of blood is needed.  In my case for example, they have done 127 platelet transfusions and each bag of platelets is thanks to four different donors.  In addition, they have given me 58 bags of red blood cells, colloquially know as blood transfusions.  This blood that is needed daily by many sick people does not come from the mountains as the rivers do, and it does not come from the taps, this blood is donated by altruistic strangers.  Thanks to these people I am alive and I can write this story.  There are people who kneel down and praise Villa or Ronaldinho when they score a goal.  What we should do is praise and kneel down to the people who generously save the lives of thousands.  The donors of blood and bone marrow are my heroes.  

blai 1

Blai, receiving the Ciutat de Carlet's Award for his commitment to the promotion of bone marrow donation

Over the two years of my illness I have had various haematologists overseeing my case and I am grateful to each one of them.  But above all, Susana and Noemí stand out.  They are an example to follow and one of the reasons that I have decided to follow their path and study medicine with the ambition to be a haematologist.  They are my model to follow.  It is not important to win any Nobel prizes in medicine to earn the respect, the trust and the affection of a sick person, such as what I feel for Susana and Noemí.  For those two I would wait hours in a line for their autograph.”

Become a member of the cure for leukaemia and other haematological malignancies, HERE

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*Puedes leer el relato "Luchar, soñar, vivir", escrito por Blai Signes (septiembre 2015), premiado por el Hospital La Fe de Valencia, con su IX Premio Literario. 

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