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Board of directors

Executive Board of Trustees


Sr. Josep Carreras


Prof. Evarist Feliu

Secretary of the Board

Sr. Calixte Mut


Sr. Albert Carreras

Members of the Board

Dr. C. Dean Buckner

Sr. Ramiro Giménez*

Sr. Lluís Bassat

Sr. Marcel Pascual*

Sr. Arcadi Calzada

Dr. Rainer Storb

Sr. Albert Carreras Pérez*

Sr. Joaquim Folch-Rusiñol

Sr. Joan Uriach

Dr. Álvaro Urbano*

Prof. Jordi Sierra*

(*) Members of the Delegate Commission

Honorary Board of Trustees

Prof. Ciril Rozman, Honorary Vice President and Cofounder Trustee

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