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From the 22nd of November to the 15th of December

CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN: "With 5 and on wheels"

What does 5€ mean to you?

The 5€ note is the smallest of all the notes. Obviously, the economic value is important but with 5€ you cannot buy a midday menu, nor a complete breakfast, you cannot even pay your phone bill...

..However, with your 5€ you can buy a bicycle... HOW?

Campanya de Nadal 2010 Imatge regal

With a donation of 5€ you can help leukaemia patients to recuperate in our welfare flats with an exercise bike which will improve their physical condition.

This Christmas, through our "with 5 and on wheels" campaign, we want to provide exercise bikes in our 6 welfare flats which we maintain for hematological malignancy patients and their families. As a result of this campaign, the patients who are weakened after chemotherapy treatment or a transplant operation will be able to comfortably do some light exercise each day. Our challenge is to raise 1,700€ to buy the 6 exercise bikes that we need.

DONATE HERE AND NOW and help us to provide this christmas gift to our welfare flats. If lots of people participate with just 5€ we can make this project a reality.

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