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Relating the recent information appeared in different medias about the supposed retreat of the tenor José Carreras, we want to deny it incisively. Since always he has done, José Carreras follows his professional carreer with recitals, concerts and discographic recordings.

This false information arises from a bad interpretation about a Josep Carreras declaration published in the British newspaper The Times on 8th May. In this declaration, Carreras comment he don’t concentrate his efforts in Opera. As the opera fans know, Josep Carreras dedicates his artistic career offering exclusively concerts and recitals around the world. This option doesn’t mean that Carreras will never do an opera if the artistic and professional conditions will be ideal. At the same time, Josep Carreras carry out and important job in the foundation against leukaemia which have his name.

Josep Carreras is now in Korea offering different recitals. On 14th May, he will be in the Royal Albert Hall of London where he will receive the prestigious The Classical Brit Award. After other commitments in Europe and Asia, Josep Carreras will also offer a charity recital in Openhaus Zurich on 8th June.



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