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El Molí Vell

50 years of daily artisanal development, following traditional recipes, and producing authentic flavours of the bakery and the most natural pastry.

The founder of El Molí Vell, Pere Gallés, started to work at the age of 16 in his father's artisan bakery in the town of Castellterçol.  In 1963, the chain of bakeries was born that would become known as El Molí Vell.  The name came from an old stone windmill in Castellterçol.  These bakeries had a very positive impact on the public and the growth of these artisan bakeries was spectacular.

The first bakery that took the name of El Molí Vell was at 265 Muntaner Street in Barcelona.  In El Molí Vell, the rustic bread is made today, as it always has been, by professional bakers by hand.  The process respects all the natural fermentations according to the traditional system that was used by the founders.

Today we are the main chain of bakeries in the country with more than 200 shops nationwide.  Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers with fresh artisan recipes thus converting more than 20,000 smiles into sweet and tender moments.

Since 1998, the chain of bakeries "El Molí Vell" contribute annually to the goals of the Foundation, and are committed to the fight to find the cure for leukaemia.

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