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Jesús, ex-leukaemia patient

I am Jesús Villafranca Cuesta, a 23-year-old who went through a bone marrow transplant about a year ago, thanks to a German donor localized by the José Carreras Foundation. I was diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in May 2010.

I want to tell you that the struggle has been hard but with my fight and willingness to overcome it everything is going good. My story is a bit like everybody's. I first went through a series of treatments and then I had to undergo the transplant.

With the support of everyone that loves me it was much easier to go through. I also want to thank all of those who treat us and cure us: the doctors, the nurses and all of their team. I specially want to thank the team of haematologists at the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada. I have only found great professionals. What makes them even more special is how kind and good people they are.

Because I was transplanted from an unrelated donor, I also want to thank the people who become bone marrow donors and encourage everyone to do the same.

I thank all of those who fight so that this illness has a better and feasible cure. Seriously, you are great saviours; from here I send my support to all of the current patients. This time is tough, that is for sure, but with will, hope and a lot of confidence in your doctors, you can overcome it.

Kind regards!!

If you want more information about the donation of bone marrow to help people like Alejandro (and many other patients) to have the opportunity of a cure, click HERE. Remember that the donation of bone marrow is altruistic, anonymous, and universal. If you register as a bone marrow donor, you could be making a donation to a person from anywhere in the world. If you want more information, write to donants@fcarreras.es or call us on our free phone number (in Spain) 900 32 33 34.

You could also become a member of the José Carreras Foundation. With a little amount you could help us to continue our research.

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