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José Carreras joins the European efforts against cancer

Carreras says: "our most lasting partner is the knowledge derived from scientific research to have in-depth knowledge of the molecular base of cancer"

José Carreras has take part in the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer, a meeting celebrated the 29th of September in Brussels. The meeting will count with the European Comission President, Mr. José Manuel Barroso, Her Majesty, Princess Mathilde of Belgium and the European Health Comissioner, Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou.

The European Union pretends to reinforce its commitment in the fight against cancer thought the organisation European Partnership for Action Against Cancer. The overall aim of the Partnership is to support Member States and other stakeholders in their efforts to tackle cancer more efficiently by providing a framework for identifying and sharing information, capacity and expertise in cancer prevention and control.

It aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders across the EU in a collective effort and with a common commitment to addressing cancer. It will also help to avoid scatted actions and duplication of efforts, and contribute to better use of limited resources available.

Referring this meeting, José Carreras comments: “In fact, there were very few words that accompanied me during my treatment: fight, chance, family, affection, warmth, hope, trust…plus, of course, the company of music.  But, clearly, I was blessed to have the counsel and care of highly skilled doctors who possessed the most current information on the nature of my disease.  I was also blessed by international cooperation in my treatment, and so I feel particularly experienced to comment on the important role of partnership in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is not a Spanish, a Belgian, a French or a European reality. It is a human reality.  It concerns all of us as human beings. Hence, the term chosen to designate this project is particularly appropriate: Partnership.

The particular fight of José Carreras: leukaemia

After his recovery, José Carreras creates the Foundation against Leukaemia in 1988 as a sample of gratefulness to the science and the society. The José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation de dedicates its efforts in 4 big areas: the promotion of scientific research; the search of bone marrow donors for patients who need a transplant and don’t have compatible relatives; the promotion of infrastructures to hospitals and the social services.

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