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"I am going to tell you my story in case it can be useful for someone. The truth is that now it is like a bad dream, but also a good one. After going through something like this you see life differently, you value the small things more. Well, I am going to start from the beginning, how I knew about the illness. There are mothers that give their life for their children, but in my case... it was my son who gave his life for me.

In November 2003 I got pregnant and on Christmas Day I started having vaginal bleeding.  Finally, I had an abortion on New Year's Day.  In February 2004 my gynecologist told me I was fine and we could try it again.

Then, in March I realized I was pregnant again, and as I had had the abortion before, the gynecologist asked me to get the blood tests very early.  I remember it clearly: I got the tests on a Monday and that Wednesday, when I was working, I got a call telling me to go to the gynecologist urgently.

When I got there I was told by a haematologist to go to the hospital urgently so I went to the Clinic of Zaragoza with all my personal papers. My husband and I started thinking something serious was happening by the way I was treated in the A&E.  Indeed, one hour and a half later, when they had the blood test results they explained what was happening: I had leukaemia.  The first thing the doctors said was that I had to get an abortion because as being pregnant for such a short time the baby won't tolerate chemotherapy.  That Monday they did it and I started with the chemo on Tuesday.

As you can imagine, after being so happy for the pregnancy our world fell apart.  It was our first baby, but OK... doctors were always very optimistic with me.  The first thing I was told was it was very good that the disease hadn't been in my body for so long, as the rest of the organs hadn't suffered.  For me, the hardest part was being in a 5 metre basement room for a month without seeing the streets because.  I was very protected by my family, friends, nurses and I will always be grateful to my doctors, Dr. Palomera, Dr. Olave, and Dr. Fuertes.

After the first cycle of chemotherapy I was informed that the disease had let up, but the protocol must be followed and I was there until December when I had an autologous transplant.

When I finished with all the problems, I was diagnosed with a premature menopause so I couldn't have children.  My gynecologist informed me about the IVI Clinic in Valencia, and that I could become a mother with an ovule donor.  We did it that way.  My husband and I had it clear and in January 2008 I had a beautiful daughter.  I was really lucky because I got pregnant after the first fertilization".


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