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"She has only been to school for one year in her whole life". Explains Laura's mother Loli. This fact would not be that startling if Laura wasn't 7 years old now.

Paciente Laura 1

Laura, nowadays

She has been in hospitals all her life. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia when she was a baby and after getting over an autologous trasplant she relapsed 2 years later.  From that moment until now many complications have arisen as she had a hemiparesia* which lead to an umbilical cord transplant from an unrelated donor; found thanks to the Josep Carreras Foundation.  This American umbilical cord was her only hope for a cure because her sister Maria was not compatible.

As incredible as it seems, after years of being hospitalized, her first thoughts about her life in hospital are about some cartoons called Winx that she used to watch there.  Her mother Loli says: "In the hospital they are happy and well looked after, they can watch films, etc... but it changes your way of thinking.  When this happens, you never think about how much you can withstand".

Paciente Laura 2
A Winx Character, Laura's favorite cartoons when she was in hospital

Laura is getting better.  Loli tells us that "when she was in hospital waiting for the transplant,  she didn't ask for anything from the Three Kings.  Now she is healthy and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher or a nurse".

Paciente Laura 3

Laura, playing with Mateo and Mohammed, other patients with hematological malignancies, whom she happened to meet during her periods in hospital

*Hemiparesis - cerebral accident that reduces the motor strength and provokes a partial paralysis that affects an arm and a leg on the same side of the body.

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