List of winners of the International Fellowship FIJC-E.D Thomas

· 1991-1992-1993: Dr. Catherine Verfaillie University of Minnesota USA. CML: purification of bening stem cells useful for autologous transplant and generation of autologous A-LAK suitable for post-transplant consolidation.

 · 1992-1993-1994: Dr. Alessandra Cesano The Winstar Institute USA. An in-vivo model of cell-mediated lyisi against acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

 · 1993-1994-1995: Dr. Ana Carrera Fundación Severo Ochoa / Centro de Biología Molecular / Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spain. Study of the effects of pp56lck mutants with substrate specificity on cell transformation.

 · 1993-1994-1995: Dr. Robert S. Negrin Standford University Hospital USA. Biology of cytokine induced natural killer cells.

 · 1994-1995-1996: Dr. Bruce C. Clurman Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center USA. Targeted disruption of Aessential genes in lymphoma cells.

 · 1995-1996-1997: Dr. I. Sanchez-García Instituto de Microbiología Bioquimica CSIC / Universidad de Salamanca Spain. Gene therapy for the treatment of Philadelphia cromosome-positive leukaemia.

 · 1996-1997-1998: Dr. Martin Stattler Dana Farber Cancer Institute - Boston USA. Role of Activationof Stat Proteins by BCR/ABL in the pathogenesis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

 · 1997-1998-1999: Dr. Ralf Huss Institute of Pathology, University of Munich- Germany. Mechanisms of differentiation, proliferation and cell clycle progression in hematopoietic stem cells: a model for leukemic transformation.

 · 1997-1998-1999: Dr. Mathew Fero Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Tumor suppression by CDK Inhibitors.

 · 1998-1999-2000: Dr. Koichi Akashi Stanford University School of Medicine. Identification of Human Common Lymphoid Progenitor.

 · 1999-2000-2001: Dr. Francesco Galimi The Salk Institute, La Jolla California (USA). Role of Telomere Maintenance in Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells: A Gene Transfer Approach.

 · 2000-2001-2002: Dr. Claudia Huettner Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Institutes of Medicine. Conditional transgenic models of BCR/ABL leukemia.

 · 2000-2001-2002: Dr. Soheil Meshinchi Fred hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle. Biologic and clinical significance of Flt3 internal tandem duplication in pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

 · 2000-2001-2002: Dr. Elena Tassi Instituto Nazionale Tumori Milano. Molecular Mechanism involved in the resistance to BCR/ABL inhibition in neoplastic cells (ha renuciat a la beca que ha estat concedida posteriorment a la Dra GUMBY).

 · 2000-2001-2002: Dra. Rosalyn Gumby Instituto nazionale Tumori Milano. Investigation of the Mechanisms of resistance to the BCR/ABL inhibitor STI571.

 · 2001-2002-2003: Dr. Homayoun Vaziri Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. Cambridge MA - USA. Molecular determinants of cellular senescense and immortalization.

 · 2002-2003-2004: Dr. Emmanuelle Pessegue Stanford University USA. Towards a better understanding of molecular mechanisms of myeloid leukemia.

 · 2003-2004-2005: Dr. Alejandro Barbieri Washington University School of Medicine. Role of Ras interference 1 (rin) in acute and chronic myelogenous leukaemias.

 · 2004-2005-2006: Dr. Yukiko Yamashita Stanford University, USA. The mechanisms that control stem cell fate between proliferation and differentiation by asymmetric stem cell division.

 · 2005-2006-2007: Dr. Golam Mohi Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Harvard Medical School - Boston MA-USA. The Gab2/Shp2 Pathway in Human leukaemia.

 · 2006-2007-2008: Dr. Pablo Menéndez Institute of Cancer Research- Chester Beatty Laboratories- London. Developmental Impact of MLL-AF4 Leukaemic Fusion Gene on Human Stem Cell Fate.

 · 2007-2008-2009: Dr. Karl Novina Dana Farber Cancer Institute - Boston USA. Mouse modeling of microRNA function in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

 · 2008-2009-2010: Dr. Jean François Rual Harvard Medical School - Dept. of Cell Biology Boston - USA. Molecular and Genetic definition of the Notch signalling network, a major factor in T-ALL.

 · 2009-2010-2011: Dr. Hanna Cullup Mater Medical Research institute South Brisbane (Australia). Antibody-mediated dendritic cell depletion to attenuate GVHD and promote GVL.

 · 2010-2011-2012: Dr. Adlen Foudi Harvard Medical School, Stem Cell Institute (Boston, USA). Role of Gfi-1 family of transcriptional repressors in normal hematopoiesis and leukaemia.

 · 2011-2012-2013: Dr. Robert S. Welner Ph.D. Beth Israel Deaconess, Boston MA USA. β-catenin maintains leukemic stem cells by suppressing transcription factors required for differentiation

 · 2012-2013-2014: Dr. Pedro Pablo Medina. Kline Biology Laboratory. Yale University, USA. Micro-RNA-21 induced haematological malignancies.

· 2013-2014-2015: Dr. Thomas Schmitt. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Targeting Leukemia with Enhanced-Affinity TCR Gene Therapy.

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