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Mª José


Paciente Mª Jose 1

"I first came across leukaemia at the age of 14 and the second time was when I was 29. Now I am 32. The first news you are given in hospital is horrifying, the world stops turning for you and you start asking yourself thousands of questions that have no answer such as: why me? What did I do wrong? ... But no one will give you an answer because there simply is no answer.

You have only two options: go to pieces, which will do you no good, or cheer up and be eager to live. Look around you and appreciate what you have, family, friends and your partner, all of whom are suffering for you and who will cope much better with your illness if you are in good spirits. Be eager to fight and show a smile on your face every day, or as often as possible. It will do them, and especially you, a lot of good.

Today I am fully recovered and my plans for the future are to live each day to the full and make all those around me happy. I would also like to have a child, which I know will not be easy, but I would love to try do so at least once.

I hope my little story is of some help for those of you who are now ill and, let me tell you, you'll see how tomorrow will, once again, be as you want it to be. Cheer up and be strong!"

Mª José 

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