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Mª Teresa


Paciente Mª Teresa 1

Mª Teresa with her son, Alejandro

Paciente Mª Teresa 2

Alejandro in 2011

"February 1990. I was 17 years old, until then everything happened normally: my family, my childhood, school, my friends... For the past few days, I hadn't been feeling well, I was feeling sick, I was getting bruises and I was feeling far too tired. It was a Saturday, I worked in the morning and in the afternoon I went out with my friends to the "Vaya lío". I couldn't dance; when I walked, my heart throbbed as if I'd been running in a race... I went home and that really scared my mother so she immediately took me to the casualty department of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital. There I told them what was happening to me, I was given a blood test and I sat in the waiting room. I thought they were going to tell me that I had anaemia, I'd be given iron, goodness knows... also, I wanted to leave because I was supposed to be in the "Vaya lío"... All of this was going round in my head when a doctor called my name, I stood up feeling dazed and she led me to another room.

- Teresa, you have to stay with us.
- What? I said.
- We need to do further tests."

Paciente Mª Teresa 3
Teresa, when her son Alejandro was born

Paciente Mª Teresa 4

Teresa, again with Alejandro, when she was given the diagnosis of breast cancer

Paciente Mª Teresa 5

Teresa on her wedding day

So begins Teresa's story, a very strong person who has gone through an acute myeloid leukaemia and, when she was beginning to feel happy again, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now perfectly well and madly enjoys being with her son Alejandro and, in the future, her plan is to have another child. By means of her testimony, she wants to offer her point of view, share a little hope with those people who are going through a similar situation. If you want to read Teresa's full story, click HERE (spanish).

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