José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation
Mr. Josep Carreras performed at a fund-raising recital in Oviedo to mark the 50th anniversary of COFAS

To mark their 50th year, the Asturian Pharmaceutical Cooperative COFAS organised a Josep Carreras Foundation fund-raising recital at the Campoamor theatre in Oviedo.

Performing at the concert were the tenor Josep Carreras, the mezzosoprano Margarida Gritskova and the pianist Lorenzo Bavaj.

COFAS is a cooperative pharmaceutical distribution company whose purpose is to provide services that contribute to the development of the professional and business activities of its partners in the pharmaceutical field. It is currently Spain's tenth largest pharmaceutical distribution company and, in terms of its billing, it is the tenth largest company in Asturias.

Mayka Sánchez
Dr. Mayka Sánchez to take part in a seminar on 4 June on the occasion of Spanish and European Hereditary Hemochromatosis Day

To mark this event Caixa Fòrum has organised a series of seminars on this disease. Hereditary hemochromatosis is a disease of genetic origin characterised by an excessive accumulation of iron in tissues.

Dr. Mayka Sánchez, of the IJC Iron Metabolism, Regulation and Diseases group, will give a paper on hemochromatosis at the Caixa Forum on 4 June. Dr. Sánchez is also the vice-president of the European Federation of Associations of Patients with Hemochromatosis (EFAPH).

In her paper she will be discussing the latest developments in Europe and the projects and progress being made to combat this disease. 

Pablo Menéndez
On 1 June Dr. Pablo Menéndez will give the opening paper at the prestigious Wilsede Meeting in Hamburg

Dr. Menéndez will open the proceedings with a paper entitled, MLL-AF4+/t(4;11) infant B-cell ALL: an update about its biology, genetics and disease models.

This event is held annually in Wilsede, near Hamburg and it attracts renowned researches and hematologists, at various phases of their professional careers, seeking to keep abreast of developments in acute leukaemia preclinical biology. More info:

A study, led by Julio Castaño of the Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Cancer and Development Group at the Hospital Clínic-UB Campus shows the impact of the oncogenic fusions of MLL-AF4 and AF4-MLL on DNA repair

The postdoctoral researcher Julio Castaño, together with the Salamanca Cancer Research Centre (Dr. Norma Gutiérrez and Dr. Ana Belén Herrero), led a project entitled, Expression of MLL-AF4 or AF4-MLL fusions does not impact the efficiency of DNA damage repair.

The project studied the impact of MLL-AF4 and AF4-MLL oncogenic fusions on DNA repair by using genome editing technology (CRISPSR-Cas9 tools) to establish that such fusions are not associated with genome instability in response to cytotoxicity. The findings of the study are therefore in line with those published by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis concerning their massive sequencing studies that show, mysteriously, that these children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia have a very stable genome. 

Researchers from the Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Cancer and Development Group at the Hospital Clínic-UB Campus collaborate with the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid on the use of mesenchymal cells

A number of researchers at the IJC's Hospital Clínic-UB Campus have been collaborating with the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid (Dr. Gabriel Criado) to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of embryonic mesenchymal cells in a rheumatoid arthritis model in mice. Until now the mesenchymal cells used in preclinical trials have been sourced from the bone marrow, the umbilical cord or adipose tissue. This new source of mesenchymal cells means that this therapeutic possibility is now logistically feasible.

The complete facade of the ICO-GTiP Campus building is now on full view!

The website where you can see how the IJC building has been coming along is now active. Here is the link:

The building work and the installations will be finished in July. In the coming weeks the IJC will be announcing calls to tender for the acquisition of furniture and equipment.

On 25 April the Board of Trustees of the IJC approved an increase in its contribution for the building and equipping of the various IJC campuses. The contribution originally agreed with the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) on 30/11/2010 was for €14,000,000. With the adoption of this new agreement this amount will now be increased to €18,800,000 to be disbursed over the period 2016 - 2017.

A further €1,000,000, approved by the Board of Trustees in November 2015, must be added to this amount for the extension and modernisation of the Clinical Trials Unit at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

So far, therefore, we can say that the financial resources committed to the development of IJC infrastructures is almost €20,000,000. If the amounts allocated to projects by both the FJC and the FJC in Germany are also taken into account, the figure is closer to €21,000,000.

“Vite per la Vita”, a very special book launch

On 19 May a book launch was held for Vite per la Vita at the incomparable setting of the Palazzo Panciatichi in Florence. This book brings together the stories and experiences of volunteers from the Núcleo Operativo di Protezione Civile concerning the many organ transplants they have been involved with since they were founded, organs they have transported throughout the world. This organisation is responsible for transporting most of the hematopoietic progenitor units to the transplantation centres in our country.

Attending the launch for this stirring book were the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, and our colleagues Ana Pertusa, Research Coordinator, and Núria Marieges, Bone Marrow Donor Register Coordinator who had been specially invited.

One motive, a thousand reasons

Rubén and Lydia are two of the “super” parents we have had the good fortune to meet through the Foundation. Their son Mateo (or, as they call him, their 'Happy Man') passed away last August after fighting UNSTOPPABLY against acute lymphoblastic leukemia and after having undergone a bone marrow transplant.

His family wanted to pay him homage in a way he would have liked, with a smile, so they launched their own brand of T-shirts to make their contribution to the fight against leukaemia.

They have already made their first donation, €2,500 in the very first month of the project.

The SUP festival, more unstoppable than ever!

We have broken all the records with this event which joins forces with us every year. This year more than €8,700 was raised!! An impressive number of people took part and we managed to bring together more than 25 groups with the active challenges on the Migranodearena platform.

Signing of a new agreement with the Barça Basketball Veterans Association

The Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with the Barça Basketball Veterans Association on 19 May. The agreement is for a year and is based on carrying out various fund- raising activities as well as raising awareness about the projects we are involved in. The ceremony to mark the event was held in the press room at the Palau Sant Jordi and the Foundation's administrator, Toni Garcia, gave a brief press conference.