José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation

Very infrequent, unknown at a scientific level, fatal and of prenatal origin. We could describe acute lymphoblastic leukaemia MLL-AF4+ in this way. It is precisely on this very specific type of leukaemia that one team of the UB-Clinic Campus at the Josep Carreras Research Institute, has been working on for many years. Recently, his project has received an unprecedented boost: more that two million euros of European funds for research.The European Research Council (ERC) is the most important scientific funding organization. The grants they award are internationally renown because of the prestige they give to the chosen organization and to the award-winning researcher. Every year 2,500 projects take part in these evaluations and very few get the prize. In this occasion 328 scientific projects have been selected and funded with 485 million euros. +info

Mayka sánchez newsletter

This month of March a new research team has joined the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC). It is Dr Mayka Sánchez’s team, focused on the study of iron metabolism. Welcome! +info 

M Joao newsletter

A research team at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) has studied two groups of patients (one HIV positive, the others HIV free) who received the same combined chemotherapy for B-cell aggressive lymphoma. The result has just been published in the international magazine AIDS. +Info

Kiku newsletter

Dr Francesc Solé, in charge of the myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) line at the Josep Carreras Research Institute has taken part in an international project recently published in Leukemia magazine, Nature’s leading publication in haematologial malignancies.The research establishes a new worldwide benchmark indicator to improve the prognostic stratification of patients suffering myelodysplastic syndromes. (MDS) +info

Ulrich Germing newsletter

Last Monday the 16th of March we had the great pleasure of receiving Prof. Ulrich Germing,world known expert in the study of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), at the Josep Carreras Research Institute against Leukaemia ICO-Germans Trias I Pujol campus. He carries out his work at the Düsseldorf University Hospital (Germany). Read the interview on our website

25 milions de donants newsletter

This week, all the bone marrow donor registries in the world have celebrated, together, having reached 25 million donors worldwide! It is an encouraging figure that increases the possibilities of saving the lives of those patients who need an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant. However, we encourage all people between the ages of 18 and 55 years old, especially the youngest, to find out about bone marrow donation and the requirements to become a donor. +info 

Notícia REDMO 2 newsletter març 2015
REDMO takes part in the 41st Conference of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation and in the annual World Marrow Donor Association meeting in Istanbul

Last weekend REDMO participated in two international meetings that took place in Istanbul. On one hand, Dr Enric Carreras attended the41st Conference of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation in which many of the main haematopoietic transplantation groups in Europe and the United States met to bring the main challenges and medical advances reached in this field together. On the other hand, Núria Marieges, coordinator of REDMO, Cristina Fusté, technical coordinator, and Mario Gran, responsible for the registry’s computer systems, participated in the World Marrow Donor Association annual meeting. The international association groups the world’s bone marrow donor registries together. In this meeting, the different lines of work analyse the results, improvements and processes and share innovations in the registries. 

REDMO participates in the annual GETH congress (Spanish Haematopoietic transplantation and cellular therapy Group)

On March the 5th, the annual meeting of haematopoietic transplantation Spanish groups (GETH) took place in Málaga. One more year, REDMO attended the congress. At this meeting, Dr Enric Carreras presented the Bone Marrow Donor Registry’s 2014 Result Report. In this medical congress, all kinds of topics related to transplants are evaluated: new modalities, different approaches for treatments, results, new protocols, etc. 

badminton newsletter
Solidary badminton against leukaemia

The Granollers Sports Organization, the Spanish Badminton Federation and the Catalan Badminton Federation organized the 3rd Catalan International badminton tournament, which took place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February at the Congost Sports centre in Granollers (Barcelona). From 2014 this tournament is called the “Guadalupe Burgos Sánchez” tournament, in memory of her dedication to Catalan badminton, especially to children and teenagers who practice this sport. Our Foundation will receive the donations from this event (1,500 €) so we can continue to be UNSTOPPABLE against leukaemia. Thank you very much!

Legado solidario newsletter

Last week, an exhibition opened in Bilbao, as part of a initiative, promoted by 24 ONG. The Josep Carreras Foundation is part of, a platform created to inform society of the possibility of leaving a solidary inheritance or legacy which will be destined to the projects of non-profit organizations to make the world more just for everyone (+ info). After being in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the exhibition “There are wishes that change the world” shows, through 24 images, the desires of many other people in favour of a solidary legacy through one’s own testament, making the world a better place through initiatives that provide viable solutions to specific problems. In Bilbao, the exhibition can be found at the Evaristo Churuca dock until the 20th of April. 

zumba newsletter
Euskadi, fitter than ever!

Every month, our friends from “Euskadi en forma” hold a mass Zumba session for our Foundation’s benefit. They have already held three meetings of this kind in Barakaldo and Portugalete, raising 1,392.98 €. Once again we thank them deeply, especially the participants who take part in this very special Zumba session. 

shaolin newsletter
Solidary exhibition at the Shaolin school

On the 14th of February a charitable exhibition organized by the Shaolin Temple Spain, who works directly with the Shaolin temple in China, took place in the Victoria Theatre in Madrid. In this event, the attendants were able to enjoy an exhibition with the presence of Tai chi and Wushu, the Chinese lions. We want to thank the great master Carlos Álvarez, director of the school, for holding this event in honour of one of their masters, Shifu Shi Xing Ling, who died of leukaemia in 2007. Thanks to this solidary initiative, 1,160 € were raised, which have been entirely destined to continue the fight against leukaemia

ball solidari sant cugat newsletter
Solidary dance in Sant Cugat

We want to say THANK YOU to the dance school Dansa Sant Cugat who, on the 21st of February held a solidary dance in the Mira-sol Cultural Centre. In this event, our collaborator Estel Alonso sold her handmade necklaces and both the profit from the ticket sales and from the necklace sales has been donated to our Foundation so we can continue to be UNSTOPABLE against leukaemia. Through this initiative we have received 886,7 €!

Jorge, from Pontevedra, is our youngest member

At the Foundation we have received one of those messages that really fill us with HOPE. We have received a photograph of Jorge, from Pontevedra, our brand-new youngest member. Jorge was born last November and his family tells us: “We have given him the best present we could think of, we made him a member of the Josep Carreras Foundation, so from a very young age he can support other children and adults who suffer from this disease. This is for the people who are fighting and for their families. We are sending you his photograph holding his member card. We will continue to cooperate and fight so research never stops, resources continue to be allocated and the fight against leukaemia keeps moving forward. Thank you, thank you, a million times over”. 

Dia de la mare newsletter

In the online shop of the Josep Carreras Foundation is now available a special pack for Mother's Day to give a gift to all the mothers supportive against leukaemia. We have also available a new product: bookmarks. You will find everything in our solidarity shop. + info