José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation

The Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation will contribute €1,000,000 to the Hospital Clinic to overhaul the the Haemato-oncologic Clinical Trial Unit at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

This agreement opens the door to collaborations between scientists at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Institute and the doctors and clinical researchers from the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and will increase clinical, translational and basic research. +info 

The new Fluidigm equipment has arrived!

The arrival of the new Fluidigm Single Cell Platform opens the door for the IJC to start studying leukemic cells at a new level.

In recent years researchers have discovered that tumours are not made up of identical cells: solid tumours develop a structure that makes them similar to a small organ and the cells inside a tumour can even be different genetically.  This in part explains why some treatments are initially successful but then the patient relapses.  In many cases a drug kills many of the cells but not all of them, these remaining cells multiply so the disease comes back. Until now, scientists could only analyse a sample from a large number of cells mixed together.   The new Single Cell platform can test single cells individually, even down to their genetic code or to see which genes are switched on or off.  This means they can separate cancer cells into different types; this is very important as the different types may need different treatments.

The C1 Single-Cell is currently the only machine on the market capable of testing tumours cell by cell.  What is more, it guarantees a constantly high standard of testing, without variations between samples.  Until now it wasn't possible to carry out this type of study and from June this year scientists at the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute (IJC) will be doing just that in our laboratories.

The machine costs 336,698.60 euros and buying it has been possible due to the generous donation of 50% of the funding from the Josep Carreras Foundation. The European Regional Development Fund, which funds 50% of selected projects as long as they have the first payment guaranteed from another source, has provided the remaining 168,350 euros

Dr Pablo Menéndez, scientific director at the Clinic-UB Campus from the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research institute, has just published an article in the prestigious magazine Leukemia, where he explains how the team has identified the role ofthe DLL4 protein in blood cell production, which is a step forward in finding out what goes wrong in the cases in which pro-B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia MLL-AF4 +, which the team is studying, is developed. +info

We celebrate 175,000 donors registered in REDMO!

This month, the Bone Marrow Donor Registry has reached a total of  175,000 people registered as bone marrow donors. In 2014 there were 164,749 (24% more than in 2013), and with this current figure we confirm REDMO’s excellent position which increases the possibilities of finding a donor for patients who need a haematopoietic progenitor transplant from an unrelated donor. More and more, the need to find donors between 18 and 35 years old is highlighted, because their physical characteristics allow for a better transplantation success rate. 

REDMO takes part in the 5th informative session on bone marrow donation addressed to the Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan Police Force).

On 14 of May, an informative session addressed to the members of the Catalan Police force and the administrative staff members at the General Office of Law Enforcement took place at the Planas Clinic in Barcelona,  with the aim of explaining the bone marrow donation process.

This session takes place as part of the cooperation agreement between the Barcelona Regional Metropolitan Police and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, and continues our ongoing cooperation with the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia (ISPC) that began in 2012.

At this fifth edition, 300 new donors from the police force joined REDMO. The requirements to register as a donor are that you are between 18 and 55 years old and healthy. Statistically, results for transplants are slightly better for male donors. Because of this a male-dominated body such as the Catalan Police Force is an ideal population for finding new donors.

The 2nd Solidarity Crochet Party

From 27-29 March, the 2nd Solidarity Crochet Party took place in Mataró (Barcelona), a fundraising event for the Foundation but also in memory of talented crocheter Mónika Versace. During the party, people were able to enjoy many activities such as mural painting, sewing, raffles for blankets and, of course, having a good time. During the 3 days €1,280 were raised to aid to research into leukaemia. 

May, month of first communions at our solidarity shop.

At this time of year many first communions are taking place. The summer is getting closer and the good weather seems to encourage us to make the celebration into an even happier event. Their first communion is a special day for children and we can make it even more special by showing solidarity at the event.

There are different ways to cooperate: you can buy a little gift at our online shop ( such as a bow tie, a fan or a bracelet, or anybody who wants to can make a donation for the amount they were thinking of spending on the present. A new and original way to cooperate with the Foundation!

“PonteEnMarchaYa” (get started!), unstoppable against leukaemia

Carmen Ubero has been cooperating with the foundation for many years, and last month she took part in the Barcelona Marathon with three other people. She told us “I run for a dream, for leukaemia to become 100% curable”.

With these words, our UNSTOPPABLE Carmen defines her initiative to help fight against leukaemia, “PonteEnMarchaYa”, which she created because she wanted to dedicate her efforts and all the kilometres she ran to a charitable cause: the fight against leukaemia. Thanks to all the challenges they added to the fundraising platform Migranodearena (doing my bit) the runners supporting research against leukaemia raised €1,000.

Solidary Zumba

Last April, the Buddha & Geisha Fitness Club organized a fundraising zumba event “Move it” in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana (Barcelona). During this very active event they ran raffles and prizes where given out throughout the 2 hours it lasted.

Both thanks to the club (and their Sponsors and collaborators) and to all the people who took part, €1,579.24 were raised. 

“El Camí dels íbers” (the Iberian trail), a fundraising sports challenge.

Alex Muñoz was training hard for 3 months to take part in his first mountain marathon, “El Camí dels Ibers” which took place on 19 of April.

His challenge consisted of trying to raise as much money as possible through donations of any amount to our Foundation. He said “I chose this foundation in appreciation for having helped to cure the disease my father suffered this past year. I think it’s the least I can do. Also, I do it to help many other people, who may find themselves in this situation, so they too can have the highest chances of being cured.”

Thanks to Alex Muñoz and to everyone who helped through the platform, €560 were raised and added to our funds for research against leukaemia!