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merry christmas

What a year 2014 has been! This year we have up-dated our corporate image; we have found a new way to sum up our proactive and straight-forward way of meeting the challenges posed by the disease, science and society. It has been a year in which we've made huge strides in establishing our Research Institute; a year in which the work of the Bone Marrow Donors Registry has not only not stopped but has actually increased, a year in which we have reached 60,000 members of the Foundation and 150,000 bone marrow donors, and we have hosted 26 families in our apartments...  It really has been an INTENSE year, with new RESOURCES and the relationship between the Foundation and the IJC already feeling like second nature to all of us - really an UNSTOPABBLE year! Thank you all for your help, collaboration and excitement. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that 2015 will be even more exciting!

The 20th José Carreras Foundation charity Gala was held on 18 December. This year it was broadcast live through the digital channel SAT 1 Gold and was presented by José Carreras himself alongside the German presenter Nina Eichinger. Some of the invited artists were: David Garrett, Albert Hammond, Der Graf and Christina Stürmer. The amount collected during the evening was €3,192,684. The twenty charity galas, which have been organized by the Josep Carreras Foundation in Germany, have raised more than 100 million euros to finance scientific research. +info

Gala 2014
edifici campus ICO
New resources for the construction of the ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus

A few weeks ago we crowned the building! This is an important step in the development of any construction. It is a symbolic but important step to move forward towards the launch in summer 2016.

On the other hand, the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute has signed a collaboration agreement with the pharmaceutical company Janssen which has agreed to give us €200,000 for the construction of the IJC ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus. We are delighted by this news of a new boost to our efforts to complete the new IJC building to the highest standards.

To recognize this generous contribution, a section (to be determined) of the common areas of the campus will carry the name of this company. We are convinced that this is only the beginning of this type of relationships of co-operation and that other research projects will be born soon.

Promega Maxwell
Promega Biotech Ibérica SL. have generously donated a sophisticated machine to automate DNA and RNA extraction in the IJC campus Clínic-UB

DNA and RNA extraction are essential preparation steps required for scientists to study the information coded in these molecules within cells. Traditionally, this work has been done painstakingly by hand by laboratory staff. The number of experiments and samples is often limited by how many pairs of hands were available to prepare the samples for analyses. The Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator (RSC) Instrument is an automated nucleic acid purification system; it works by using robotics to process up to 16 samples at a time. This system speed up the work and produces more accurate results. The first group to start using this machine is the Stem cells, mesenchymal cancer and development group, led by Pablo Menéndez. 

IJC Scientists attend the prestigious 56th Meeting of the American Society of Hematology

This year six scientists from the Institute participated in the prestigious annual meeting for the American Society of Hematology, which has 18,000 members, in San Francisco, California. The meeting is a world reference for hematology and diseases of the blood.  Those attending and displaying posters were: Dr. Tomás Navarro; Dr. José Maria Ribera; Dr. Blanca Xicoy; Dr. Francesc Solé, who gave a talk in one of the sessions, Dr. Maria Joao Baptista, Laura Palomo, Vera Ademà and Jordi Ribera. Scientific conferences are an essential way for researchers to hear about new research developments, make contacts and strengthen collaborations. +info

obra social la caixa
The Obra Social “la Caixa” keeps supporting the FIJC in the development of the Institute

Continuing the co-operation initiated three years ago through the agreement between our President, Mr. Josep Carreras and Mr. Isidro Fainé, Chairman of "la Caixa", the Foundation has received a new donation of € 175,000. Also, these funds have the approval of the Catalan Government as they are part of the budget that the Obra Social "la Caixa" allocates to research centres in agreement and under the directions of the Government.

Revista REDMO 2014
2014 REDMO magazine

The new annual magazine of the Bone Marrow Donors Registry (REDMO) is already available. In this issue you will find patients’ and donors’ testimonies, an editorial on the progress of the National Bone Marrow Donation Plan and an article on why a donor search can be delayed several months, among other things. Don't miss it!

+ Read it online here (in Spanish)

The international community expects to reach, very soon, 25 million donors worldwide

During the last annual meeting of the World Marrow Donor Association and the American donor registry (NMDP), they mentioned that around February 2015 the international community will reach 25 million bone marrow donors. Currently, there are 24,361,871 bone marrow donors and 622,455 umbilical cord blood units. 

In Spain, as a result of the implementation of the Bone Marrow Donation National Plan and significant efforts being made in different areas, the number of new donors achieved in 2013 (26,000) doubled those of 2012 and tripled those registered in 2011. During 2014 30,000 new donors have been registered in REDMO and, therefore, we have a total of 160,000 bone marrow donors, placing us in similar levels as those in neighbouring countries as far as donor population goes. Spanish donors are very interesting due to the international community to which we belong, for Spain is a country with great ethnic diversity, which has hosted many different cultures and immigration because throughout history. This makes us a rich country also regarding genetics. It is the sixth country in the world with more diversity of haplotypes.

La otra lotería

Every new year in Spain we enjoy repeating the same rituals: we light up our Christmas tree, we go shopping, we enjoy New Year's dinners and we buy tickets for the Christmas lottery. In our country we spend 10,000 million euros every year on the lottery. But there is another "lottery", which is also occurs each year and for most of us goes unnoticed, although the chances of your number coming up are much greater. Sadly it is 2,000 times more likely that somebody is diagnosed with leukemia in Spain than that they win the Christmas Lottery! Find out about the Foundation’s Christmas campaign and how you can help. (We want to thank Würth España for collaborating in this campaign.) +info

tienda online

Are you still thinking about what to give as a Christmas present?Have you thought about giving something that is nice but also makes a contribution? Well, you are in luck because we have new products at our online store. The mugs and tote bags “Together we are unstoppable” (in Spanish and Catalan) have been designed by our friends at Mr. Wonderful exclusively for our Foundation and they are already available! +info

iniciatives solidàries
This Christmas, very different charity events are going on!

This month several companies and associations have decided to join the fight against leukaemia through different initiatives. During December the hair salon Jean Louis David in carrer Muntaner nº370 (Barcelona) will give us 1€ for every client. Also, the hair salon OOPS in Vic (Barcelona), will give us 10% of its billing during December 23rd and 24th. The company Cafur, will donate 1,800€ and will fundraise during its Christmas campaign as well. Neu too, a male clothes store in San Sebastian, will donate 10% of its billing during this month. Finally, the family of Abril Santamaria and the orchestra Camerata Bacasis have organized a charity concert for our Foundation, next January 3rd, at the Auditori del Convent de Sant Francesc in Santpedor (Barcelona). If you live close by, we invite you to assist and congratulate little Abril, who was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was only a few months old. In November, she celebrated her second “birthday” thanks to a bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor found by our organization.

Alex pacient
A very special Christmas visit...

We have received a very special visit which has inspired us: Alex and his parents came by to wish us a Merry Christmas! Alex is three years old and in August he underwent an umbilical cord blood transplant found by our Foundation because he suffered from a high-risk type of leukaemia. Very few months have gone by but he is doing great. He is HANDSOME, tall and perfectly fit so he surprised us all. His parents, Domingo and Lilian, are members of the Foundation and they came by to thank us for our work.

Good luck and thank you, Brenda

Brenda Roqué joined the Foundation in March 2012 to help us in a very important area where we wanted to improve: our online presence. As you can observe by taking a look at our website and social networks, not only has she done a great job but she has achieved, along with Alex, excellent broadcast and content of great quality. We have reached many people with rigour and sensitivity. Many patients and families interact with the Foundation through the Internet, letting us be more intimate with them and support them directly; a support which is intangible but not less important. Now we are parting separate ways but we wish you luck, health and that you achieve everything you want and we thank you, once again, for your extraordinary contribution. Take care!