José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation

The German headquarters of the José Carreras Foundation (Deutsche Josep Carreras Leukämie Stiftung) has allocated close to one million euros to fund four research projects, which researchers at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute will carry out in collaboration with German scientists. +info


On September 5th we inaugurated the Clinic-UB Research Campus of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, located in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, in which we have invested over 2.5 million euros in its construction and equipment. +info

The José Carreras Foundation and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), along with the biotechnological laboratory Celgene, have presented the research projects developed over the last year of joint collaboration. +info


The IJC has participated in a major international study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, aimed at improving the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma. Another global project, published in Cancer Cell, with active participation of the IJC, has identified a cellular mechanism that causes a particular type of myelodysplastic syndrome. +info

Projectes oriol sole
Eres perfecto para otros

The ONT and the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, in collaboration with Mediaset group, have started a national campaign to promote bone marrow donation called “To others you are perfect”. This campaign has been launched to commemorate Bone Marrow Donor International Day (September 27th). +info

dia del donante

The latest statistics on bone marrow transplants and donation in Catalonia were presented on October 2nd during a press conference. REDMO, a program of the José Carreras Foundation, has coordinated more than 6,000 bone marrow transplants from a non-related donor since 1992. +info (in Spanish)

On September 30th we invited members, collaborator, bone marrow donors and staff of the José Carreras Foundation and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute to the premiere of the movie “White like snow, red like blood”, which promotes bone marrow donation. +info


In the last newsletter, we shared with you the first results of the campaign “The Magic Machine”, which took place in June to commemorate the Week against Leukaemia. With the resources achieved we will finally be able to buy an Ultracentrifuge and a liquid Nitrogen container for the ICO-Germans Trias I Pujol Campus. +info


The Josep Carreras Auditorium in Vila-seca (Tarragona) has donated 12,000€ to the José Carreras Foundation. The money was raised at the Charity Gala that took place last November. +info (in Spanish)

actes benèfics
Charity acts.

Charity events are fairly quiet over the summer period. We want to highlight some examples of those that have taken place such as the III Gala against Leukaemia held on July 19th in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz). Once more, the people showed their support for this event, led by Virginia (mother of a leukaemia patient), raising a total of 2,015 euros. Also, a group of parents of children suffering from leukaemia in Cantabria organized two fundraising events. First, they organized a day full of activities with snacks, concerts, games for children, etc., collecting a total of 1,355 euros. They also attended a fair where they set up a charity stand, raising a total of 1,386.20 euros. Finally, in Cantabria they organized a walk in memory of a girl who did not survive the disease (Memorial walk for Lucia Chusa), raising 1,358 euros. We are very grateful to all these people for their support!