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Dear colleagues of the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia (FJC) and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC),

Recently, as you know, our team has grown considerably with the creation of the IJC. We are all part of the same alliance against leukaemia, with some variances and different roles, but with the same solid union and commitment. Nonetheless, the distance between campuses, laboratories and offices, although it favours and enriches research, does not facilitate the direct and personal knowledge of our mutual work. As you know, we are currently working to establish common spaces where we can share experiences and get to know the work of every colleague working in this adventure against leukaemia, work which the Foundation began 25 years ago and that we are continuing, with even more strength and enthusiasm, if that is possible, since the Institute was created in 2010.

For this reason, we have established this new informative and collaborative newsletter which you will receive every month with the most relevant and interesting news on the different elements that make up our cause. We hope it is of your interest and we invite you to participate sending us proposals, news, ideas or suggestions at*.

FJC & IJC Communication Department 

Our President

- Gold Medal of the Catalan Parliament. The Committee of the Catalan Parliament, on the proposal of the President of the Catalan Parliament, Núria de Gispert, has agreed, unanimously, to award the Parliament’s Gold Medal of Honour, the institution’s highest honour, to the tenor Josep Carreras, “in consideration of his relevant artistic career, as well as his civic action, which has made a profound impact on society, with the creation, 25 years ago, of the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia. With the cultivation of his talent and his vital testimony, Josep Carreras universally projects values ​​of effort, excellence and solidarity.” This award will be presented during an institutional act that will take place on September 9th.

Josep Carreras Medalla d'or

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC)

- ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus. The construction of the ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus continues steadlly and the progress is visually very noticeable. You can see a short video of this development here.

Phase 0 (retaining wall, foundations, basement and parking structure), which is currently being executed, is expected to finish at the end of October, beginning of November. Before the end of August, the tender for the construction of Phase 1 will be published.

Phase 1 will involve the construction of the interior and exterior of the plants as well as enabling all common areas and half of the laboratory spaces possible. As you know, the building is designed to accommodate a growing number of teams over time and has been dimensioned for future needs, not only the present.  

Campus ICO obres


- More opportunities. Two IJC research groups have been recognized by the Scientific Activities Support Program of the Catalan Government, specifically the Stem Cell Research Group directed by Dr. Pablo Menéndez at Clinic-UB Campus and the Haematological Neoplasia Research Group directed by Dr. Francesc Solé at ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus. This program is financed with 21.6 million euros for 2014-2016. The recognized group can apply for these funds to finance the equipment and the doctorate students that work in their projects. This recognition is vital to be able to apply for this important source of funding.

- A new doctoral thesis has been published in the name of IJC. It’s based on the “Cytogenetic study of leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes in different sanitary areas of Catalonia (period 1990-2009)” by Isabel Granada. Congratulations!

- Laura Palomo, ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol researcher of the research group led by Francesc Solé and Lurdes Zamora, has been awarded a grant by the FPU ministry to develop her projects during 4 more years. Congratulations Laura!

- The company Promega will cede a machine named “DNA and RNA extractor” to the IJC, Clínic-UB Campus, and in 2016 the same equipment to the ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol Campus.

Bone Marrow Donors Registry (REDMO)

- A historic milestone. The National Bone Marrow Donation Plan continues to bear fruit. Recently we have reached the number of 150,000 bone marrow donors in Spain. 

150,000 altruistic people all over the country are already a part of the Bone Marrow Donors Registry (REDMO), operated by the José Carreras Foundation, and their classification is already available for any patient in the world awaiting a transplant.

As you know, the compatibility between two people is something hard to find but not impossible. Around the world, transplants between non-related donors and patients are being performed every day. According to the World Marrow Donor Associations, the association of worldwide registries which REDMO forms part of, during 2013, 4,089 bone marrow transplants and 12,043 peripheral blood transplants of non-related donors were performed.

It is certainly a milestone for the country which shows that the measures taken to promote bone marrow donation are giving even better results than expected -the number of registered donors in 2013 increased 84% compared to donors registered in the previous year- and means that the Plan’s objectives will surely be achieved, maybe even ahead of schedule.

More info on bone marrow donation at the FJC’s webpage.

We have also reached a total of 60,000 cryopreserved units of umbilical cord blood in Spain, the objective implanted by the National Umbilical Cord Blood Plan of the Ministry of Health. This has allowed Spain to be able to be the first European exporter in 2013 and the third in the world (preceded only by the United Stated and Japan) in umbilical cord blood units due to our high quality units. During 2013, all over the world there have taken place 4,334 umbilical blood cord transplants, 320 of which were Spanish product.

* For more information check out REDMO’s 2013 Annual Report.

- January/June 2014 data. During the first semester of the year, 45 people in Spain have had the great satisfaction of donating bone marrow for a leukaemia patient who needed it. These donors which we have located from REDMO, have donated their cells for patients from: Spain (24), Germany (6), France (6), the United States (2), Italy (2), Argentina (1), Slovenia (1), Holland (1), England (1) and Switzerland (1).

DMO gener juny 2014 ENGLISH

Also, during this same period, 124 patients all over the world have received a new life opportunity thanks to a Spanish umbilical cord blood unit. These 124 units were located and sent to: United States (27), France (22), Colombia (18), Spain (18), Holland (7), England (5), Canada (4), Hungary (3), Italy (3), Australia (3), Turkey (3), Mexico (2), Norway (2), Austria (1), Chile (1), Greece (1), Lithuania (1), New Zealand (1), Poland (1) and Switzerland (1).

SCU gener juny 2014 ENCGLISH

In the same way, 213 patients have undergone a bone marrow, peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood transplant from an anonymous donor located by REDMO. The donors who have offered them this second life opportunity were from: Germany (81), United States (29), Spain (24), Portugal (10), France (8), Israel (7), England (7), Belgium (3), Brazil (3), Canada (2), Australia (1), Denmark (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Holland (1) and Switzerland (1). And the umbilical cord blood units were from: Spain (21), United States (6), France (4), Holland (1) and Switzerland (1).

TPH gener juny 2014 ENGLISH



- Week against leukaemia 2014. We have already finished the awareness campaign titled “The Magic Machine”. Currently we are making calls though our call centre to convert members, increase quota, etc. For this reason we want to share with you the first results of our campaign. Later on, when everything is closed, we will share with you the final results.

In the first place, we are very happy because we have achieved our goal which was to raise 38,500€ by SMS. Finally we have achieved more than 57,000€ and, currently, with the calls we are making, many of these people are interested in making a donation or becoming a member.

Since the raised funds have exceeded our expectations, in addition to the cellular separator for our laboratories of the Campus ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol, we will be able to acquire an ultracentrifuge and a -80 ° freezer. To do an applied research is necessary to work directly with patient samples. A very important part of our job is to collect patient samples, process them and keep them in the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, here is a link in our webpage where you will find some of the most important news articles about the campaign published in different media. In the BTV news you will see Kiko Solé and Laura Palomo, from de ICO-GTiP Campus (IJC) and in the RTV Castilla la Mancha news you will see Belén Roldán, from the FJC;)

In our Facebook page you can also take a look at the pictures that the different patient and former patient teams sent us and, among them, the pictures of the event taken place at the Plaça dels Àngels in Barcelona.

Thank you all for your interest and for helping us spread the campaign. You can watch the video of this campaign here:

vídeo SCL 2014

Members and charity acts

- 50,000 members! We have achieved a total of 50,000 members of the Foundation! This is very important for us because we have spent nine years investing more efforts in order to increase the number of economic donors by organizing campaigns, face to face actions and, in general, trying to convert all of those people interested in the fight against leukaemia, not only in donors but in active ambassadors.

- Charity acts. During the Week Against Leukaemia, the family of a current lymphoma patient organized a charity dinner at the Bare Nostrum bar in Barcelona and a t-shirt sale raising more than 3,500€. In Mallorca the company Softline, where José Miguel Mateo works, former leukaemia patient, organized a charity golf tournament raising more than 1,000€. Finally, José Antonio Caño, former leukaemia patient, organized a charity spinning class in Horta raising 1,700€ (you can take a look at it here).


Corporate partners

- Corporate partners. Recently, we have welcomed Pavimarsa and Excavaciones y construcciones Germán, to the “Corporate Member” category, and Auxadi to the “VIP Corporate Member” category. We want to thank their trust in our project.

1€, more life. Teaming is a platform where anyone can contribute with 1€ per month in our project “Flats for patients who have to undergo a bone marrow transplant and live far from the hospital”.

Since the initiative was launched in our country ... we have raised one million euros for different causes! Teresa, a patient of 68 years from Lleida suffered multiple myeloma and is now recovering in one of our flats. She wants to congratulate Teaming and our work.

If someone wants to be a teamer and give 1€ per month for the Josep Carreras Foundation, the information is here.

Teresa teaming

- Charity point programmes. Though our fidelity program “Vals Client” of the Bon Preu i Esclat supermarkets, you can accumulate points with your shopping and donate them to our Foundation. Last year, we raised more than 50,000€ thanks to Grup Bon Preu and the generosity of its clients. You can also collaborate with our Foundation trough the Punts Estrella Programme of la Caixa. The clients of this bank can choose to give their points to our Bone Marrow Donor Registry (REDMO) program, in charge of locating voluntary donors for the patients in need of a transplant and with no compatible family member. This alliance has been active since 2009 and has already raised more than 88,000€ for our entity.


- José Carreras Foundation in Germany. We have received the news that the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has publicly requested that on her 60th birthday she would like her guests to make economic donations to the José Carreras Foundation in Germany.

- Because this is the first newsletter you are receiving, we invite you to visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of the José Carreras Foundation, very active platforms which will surely interest you.


* If for any reason you do not wish to receive this newsletter, you can send us your email to or call us at 93 414 55 66.