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Paciente Nicolás 1

Nicolás, smiling

"Hello everyone, we are the parents of Nicholas. We would like to share our experience with leukaemia with you. The story begins on the August 24th, 2009. We went to his paediatrician because he was not feeling well and his whole body was full of purple marks. He said that it was a virus and we should not worry. After 3 days, we took him to a private paediatrician and just taking his shirt off he sent us directly to the emergency room, where our lives changed. Nicholas was about to turn 4 and he was diagnosed with a high risk form of Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.
When we arrived at the Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla they told us that he had 97% of contaminated bone marrow and that the outlook was bad. Imagine, our only child and he was dying.

The word hit us and I took the decision that we needed to act "as naturally as possible" so that my son would not see the gravity of the situation. Fortunately, Nicholas is a child with a very strong and extrovert character, which made certain things easier.
After 14 days came a huge surprise; COMPLETE REMISSION! We realized that we were stronger than the disease, that it could be overcome and that we must have patience, lots of patience, enough to go through all the phases.

We are now in the maintenance phase. He will go back to school in September and will have a sister that, "just in case", is going to donate her umbilical cord, so that at least if not for him, it may serve another person in need. Nicholas is the one that really taught us to fight. When we entered and saw him running across the floor during his chemo, it was like a breath of fresh air that made the clouds disappear.

We tell everyone that no matter how black you see the future, you always have to think about trying to make the most of now. In the face of pain, a smile is the best aspirin.
Lots of encouragement to everyone!"


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Find out more about bone marrow donation, HERE

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