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"Hello, my name is Olga, I'm 37 and I was diagnosed with B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in June 2009. I was pregnant at the time, and besides fighting the disease and accepting the fact that I would become sterile, I had to face losing my baby girl, as my pregnancy had to be terminated.

Paciente Olga 1

Olga, before her diagnosis

I'm being treated at Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona (Barcelona). Now, at last, after ten months of treatment, I'm no longer an in-patient care and just go to the day hospital for follow-up treatment.

Here I am, alive and kicking, fighting the disease and its effects. I still have a long way to walk but I'm strong enough to go on and leave this behind like a bad dream.

My message to anyone suffering from this disease is, carry on; it can be overcome. You just need the will to push ahead and fight. Don't give up. Although it's hard to change your mindset and think positive, you've got to do it because, even if this doesn't cure you, I can tell you it helps and makes you and everyone around you feel much better.

Paciente Olga 2

Paciente Olga 3

Olga with her friends, early this year

I used to think about the past and the future. Now I only live in the present, one day at a time, enjoying the company of friends and family. I appreciate things I didn't use to pay attention to, such as a sunrise, a beautiful landscape or even just a flower.

My dream, when this is over, is to try to be a mother again. You shouldn't stop doing things. You've got to carry on with the life you used to have; go out and enjoy yourself. I have some unfinished business -travel (I got the travel bug!). I haven't been able to go anywhere yet, but I'll get the green light in a few months and Japan, here I come!

I'd like to thank José Carreras Foundation for giving me this opportunity, so people will know me. So if someone needs to talk, I am at their disposal. I'm not more or less important than anybody else, nor is my story more or less important than anyone else's, but I'm strong and want to live. I LOVE LIFE!

I'd like to thank my friends and my whole family, especially my husband, for always being there for me, in the good times and the bad times."

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Find out more about bone marrow donation, HERE

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