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Paulo Henrique

"It was 1988 and I had just finished college so I started to look for a job. I found one but when I was celebrating a tragedy arrived. The pre-admission exam showed that I had Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

My brother and my sisters carried out the tests to check their compatibility and, thank God, my sister Marcia, the one closest to me in age, was compatible.

Paciente Paulo H. 1

I had just finished a book by a Brazilian writer on the St. James route and so I "spoke with God". I asked him, "God, help me to be cured, if one day I am cured, I will walk that route".

Time passed and it was a big fight that included many prayers and lots of visits to the hospital but thank God, due to the excellent support I had from the Clinicas Hospital team, in São Paulo, and my family, I was able to win that fight.

Paciente Paulo H. 2

I remember that during that time I saw myself in the same situation as the Brazilian volleyball player, Giba, filmmaker Hector Babenco and singer Jose Carreras; I thought "wow, if they were able to achieve a cure, so will I".

In 2011, 13 years later, I was able to realise the dream I planned in 1988. In May, I made the pilgrimage from Saint Jean Pied de Port (France) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) which is approximately 800 km walking, over 30 days.

Paciente Paulo H. 3

Paciente Paulo H. 4

I am immensely grateful to my sister Márcia, who I call "irmãe", to all my family, to all the people praying for me and to all the team at Clinicas Hospital in São Paulo. Today I lead a normal life and usually take part in street races and mountain climbing.

Paciente Paulo H. 5

Paciente Paulo H. 6

I do hope that my testimony is useful to other people currently facing a similar problem. Have faith in God, trust your doctors and make plans for when you are cured. For instance, imagine yourself walking to Santiago de Comestible or imagine yourself taking part in a road race such as the San Silvester. When you cannot sleep repeat a thousand times: CURED, STRONG AND HAPPY! TRUST, YOU WILL ALSO WIN!

Warmest regards!"

Paulo Henrique

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