Personalize your contribution

Finance a project

Your company can sponsor a specific project. Like this, you can support us in the way best aligned with the objectives of your company.

Some examples of projects which your company can finance are:

  • Raising awareness campaigns
    Respond to a universal objective that feeds into other projects: raise awareness about leukaemia within society and inform others about the work of the José Carreras Foundation in order to expand our presence and the number of our associates and donors. The success of the Campaigns is proportional to the support we have for design and advertising in media. For this reason, the role of companies who want to express their commitment and partnership in the fight against leukemia is crucial.
  • Research support
    Research is the only way of finding a definitive cure for leukaemia and that is why it is the Foundation's main objective. Your company can link its contribution to this field of work of the José Carreras Foundation, what will let us fund grants. Read more.
  • Patient care Leukaemia patients and their families are the reason for the effort we direct towards their wellbeing and cure. Because of this, we are always listening to them and caring for them and have made our six apartments available for their use. Your company, for example, could partly fund the costs associated to the maintenance of these apartments. Read more.
  • Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute
    This Institute will be the first center in Spain and one of the few in the world focused exclusively in research on hematological malignancies. It will become a center of international reference which will be based in our country. You can help fund this project, ambitious but necessary. Read more.

Do social marketing

Your products and services can also reflect your compromise.

Your company can offer a product or service in order to link it to the alliance with José Carreras Foundation and help in the fight against leukemia. It's a win-win relationship where both parties communicate their commitment and get something in return accordingly.

Campaigns like these have taken place with brands such as Norit, Mattel, Vichy Catalan, among others. In some cases, José Carreras himself has lent his image to advertising campaigns of large companies.

Offer a concert by José Carreras

Organizing a charitable concert by Josep Carreras is a double success, artistic and solidary.

A number of companies and organizations have made a special event twice as special by turning it into a charitable concert given by the tenor José Carreras: Companies such as Chopard, Würth, Esteve, Fundación Iberostar, Bankinter, UBS, Honda and IESE are just some examples.

Since the creation of the Foundation, concerts and other charitable activities held by José Carreras, have been one of the main sources of funds for our activities. These concerts usually take place in the context of important celebrations in a Company's life, making them unforgettable.

From an musical point of view, in these performances José Carreras has shared the stage with international artists such as dancer Sara Baras, sopranos Montserrat Caballé, Isabel Rey or Kiri te Kanawa, directors such as Lorin Mazel and David Giménez, and violin soloist Anne Sophie Mutter, among others.

At these charitable concerts, the Foundation is the only beneficiary of José Carreras's charitable activities.

Charity events and presents

Events and promotional gifts can be an important opportunity to communicate values, giving them both utility and meaning.

Organizing a corporate event and turning it into a charitable event allows motivation and engagement at the same time from your team and other stakeholders. Fairs, conferences, celebrations, incentive stock... are likely to be linked with the concept of solidarity in alliance with the fight against leukemia. Many companies have already worked with us, please call us and tell us about your idea! Here are some examples:

  • Barclays Bank organized a charity gymkhana event with the participation of more than 50 executives based in the Catalan and Balears offices. Each participant offered their financial support by making a donation when they signed up and this was duplicated by the Barclays Foundation.
  • The restaurant El Merendero de la Mari has organized several paddle tennis tournaments.
  • As part of its European Director Generals meeting in 2010, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis made a donation to the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia, as a demonstration of their commitment to scientific research and the improvement of the health and quality of life of patients.

  • Hewlett Packard (HP) launched the campaign The Power of Prevention among its employees, which included nationwide fundraising through the sale of promotional items.

  • The fashion company Ralph Lauren Spain, as part of their solidarity day, "Pink Pony Day", held various fundraising activities. They organized a march through Madrid's Retiro park, a pie contest, merchandising sales, a  virtual tennis Wii championship and a raffle with many products.

Donate products and services

Could your company help in the fight against leukaemia as part of its day-to-day work?

Then this is a good choice. Your company can dedicate hours of their employees to offer us a service without cost or donate products as a gesture of solidarity. Pro bono work is the assignment of qualified staff for advising in the areas of company performance. The donation of products refers to the transfer or donation of products or goods. Some examples are:

  • Legal, technological or other kind of advising
  • Advertising space cession
  • Training for workers
  • Transfer of facilities for acts or events
  • Other services or products

These ways to collaborate allow the Foundation to save costs, letting us allocate more resources for our work in projects to fight against leukemia. Every collaboration is important to us and we want to hear from you. Many companies have already offered to the Foundation this form of collaboration. What could you do?

Help us raise awareness

A company's greatest value can be found in its human capital, all of the people with which it is involved internally and externally.

Your company or organization could make a valuable contribution to our work of raising awareness and campaign diffusion in a very simple way: by making use of internal/external communication tools to help raise awareness of the fight against leukaemia.

There are many ways to spread information and help our campaigns for raising awareness, always tailored to the channels that the company can put at our disposal, and personalized proposals in each case:

Giving opportunities for communication and external dissemination and advertising: online and offline on media of your own or managed by the company.

Post content in your own communication channels (for employees, customers, suppliers): in the newsletter, intranet, corporate magazine or other media.

Share with your employees

The company is the people that work in it, and together they can always reach further towards any goal.

Joint involvement between the company and its employees in a common project with a common objective is full of advantages: it strengthens the bonds of membership of workers, generates personal and collective satisfaction, increased motivation and internal cohesion of employees and encourages culture of solidarity.

From José Carreras Foundation we welcome the initiatives by business and its employees, offering our support in any way necessary.

You can promote the participation of your employees in many ways:

-          Increase awareness in employees through internal communication channels.

-          To promote fundraising activities:

  • Shared donation or matching gift. The workers make ​​donations for a project and the company collaborates doubling the amount raised by employees.
  • 1 euro of the salary (Teaming). The company implements a system whereby employees can spend one euro of their monthly salary and give it to the fight against leukemia.

For more information, contact Sira Franquero, head of Corporate Alliances, who will attend you personally: 93 414 55 66 /

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