"José Carreras wanted to make a permanent testimony to science and society of his gratitude for the support and affection he received throughout his illness."

The José Carreras International Foundation for the Fight against Leukemia was formed on July 14th 1988 following the recovery of the tenor José Carreras.

José Carreras has always emphasized the importance to his recovery both of the application of clinical procedures that were at the time highly innovative and the messages of solidarity and support sent by thousands of people around the world. Shortly after returning to normality in his personal and professional lives, José Carreras decided he wanted to make a contribution, as much to science as to society, as a permanent testimony of his gratitude for the support and affection he received throughout his illness.

Leukaemia, like many other diseases, develops without warning and is therefore difficult to accept. In the first moments, like any other patient, José Carreras felt puzzled but quickly established a positive attitude towards the situation. He explains that "during all the treatment I felt that if there was one chance in a million then I needed to fight for it and never throw in the towel".

In order to make this commitment a reality, he created the José Carreras Foundation against Leukemia in Barcelona, with the help of his family and a group of prestigious scientists and business men.

The creation of the Foundation soon began to raise awareness amongst renowned researchers and personalities in other parts of the world. In this way, other José Carreras Foundations against Leukemia were formed in the United States, Switzerland and Germany. Since 1988, José Carreras has presided over these organizations with total dedication and enthusiasm and is directly involved in their day-to-day activities.

For more than 25 years, the José Carreras Foundation has pursued a single objective: that leukemia will one day be 100% curable. Despite the achievements and great advances in science made in recent years, leukemia remains fatal for 25% of children and half of adults. José Carreras has been at the forefront of the Foundation's work and dedicates many concerts to the Foundation each year, in order to actively contribute to the financing of the organization's various projects.

In order to continue saving lives, it is essential that the Foundation can make more resources available to science in order to meet the requirements of leukemia patients. There are still too many patients lost as a result of this disease.

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