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"Hello, I'm going to tell you my story: I was diagnosed last March when I was in London finishing the Masters of my dreams and completing the last details before returning to Spain. At the time, all was running smoothly, my main concerns were: how much was I going to earn in my new job and which was going to be the main dish at my wedding (meat or fish); now, seen from a distance, it all seems rather superficial.

The blow came quite suddenly, a lump in the arm, a biopsy, PET, CT, and my world came to an end. I was all alone because I tried to hide the facts right to the end, thinking there was nothing to worry about.

To all of you who, at one time or other, have thought about donating bone marrow (and also to those of you who haven't), I would like to tell you how incredibly easy it is to give life.

Have no second thoughts about it, you are our best and only medicine. We shall ALL, some time or other, have a loved one who will live through this situation and then we will be prepared to do ANYTHING, don't wait until that happens. An Iranian colleague and friend used to tell me time and time again the following Persian saying: "The union of ants triumphs over a lion." The lion is very fierce and only those of us who have seen him face to face know to what extent, however, we are many ants and we must get down to work.

It is impossible to comfort someone who has just been diagnosed, but every testimony of someone who has achieved remission, helps you to breathe, to think that YOU can do it too. Every person must fight for themselves, for those around them since every day lived in good health (or what is equivalent for us: of Complete Response) makes all our efforts worthwhile.

I have many plans for the future: travel to Dublin, expand the family, get my job back and, above all, settle a debt... an unpayable debt, regarding love, with the person who is now my wife and was my companion from the very beginning (I got married just after finishing chemo), with my family, with my friends and all those involved in my treatment.

To all of you, please receive a warm embrace!!!"


Paciente Roberto 1
Roberto with his wife

Paciente Roberto 2

Roberto last summer

En nom de Roberto, fes-te soci de la curació de la leucèmia i les altres hemopaties malignes AQUÍ, ens ajudaràs a continuar investigant perquè, algun dia, aquestes malalties siguin 100% curables. Amb molt poc pots fer molt. Gràcies!

Informa't sobre la donació de medul·la òssia, AQUÍ

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