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Rosa Ramiro

"Some time ago I was lucky enough to fall severely ill"

"Some time ago I was lucky enough to fall severely ill", that is how Rosa's tale about her battle with acute promyelocytic leukemia starts. She published a book about it some years ago: Recuperar la luz (Regaining the Light). "The treasure of knowledge and vital experience that this journey has brought me was well worth the risk. That is exactly how I feel about it. In my opinion, I have reached this sheer conviction after the way in which I lived through the illness. I do not know if things happen to us for due to a mere colliding of random events or because there is a meddling power that justifies everything that happens. What I do know is that since the day when measured timed stopped, everything has happened as if it could not have been any other way".

Paciente Rosa 1

Photos of Rosa during her illness

Carlos Canal and Rosa Ramiro, both doctors and, in this case, doctor and patient, document the evolution of the extreme situation that is cancer. Their journal of pictures and texts displays a phototherapy experience made up of an extraordinary mosaic about emotions and life within the illness.

"Everything started when, making my debut in my new role as a hospital patient, a peculiar-looking guy came into my room. After introducing himself as my doctor and telling me that I was about to undergo a certain chemotherapy treatment protocol, he used a few words to let me know that I was at the other side of the mirror. I have not made clear that that guy (Carlos) was not alone. He came armed with his camera, hanging around his neck and resting over his white coat, a Cyclops willing to tirelessly portray the challenge that I was about to face. The idea was to reflect my sensations through pictures throughout my stay there. We would also photograph my face, as a way to not forget my identity despite the physical changes that my appearance could experience during the process. And so everything began, almost like a dream. Every two days, I would look for, in the small environment that surrounded me, an image that symbolised what was going on inside me. Without seeing the printed result, the image was imprinted in my mind, to end up revealing itself as written lines which escaped my fingers as if the action of triggering the camera button had itself triggered an unstoppable mechanism", says Rosa in her book.

Paciente Rosa 2

Rosa nowadays

Leukemia hit Rosa when she was 28 years old and a few days short of the MIR (the official exam to become a doctor in Spain). After recovering she decided to work in a private practice and is now working in a nutrition and obesity-specialised surgery. Her plans? "To collect good moments; the more the better".

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