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Paciente Sergio 2

We want to introduce you to Sergio, a gentleman from the Canary Islands who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in the Dr. Negrín Hospital in the Canary Islands. These words changed his life: his family (wife, parents, brothers and daughter) were mortified to hear this cruel diagnosis.

On the 9th of December 2010 he arrived in Barcelona at the Clinic Hospital to start his treatment. As he was displaced far from his home, his family were able to come and stay in one of the welfare flats of the José Carreras Foundation.

Although it was a hard process, Sergio overcame the disease thanks to a transplant from an anonymous donor, found by our Foundation. "I will never be able to express in words what I feel in my mind and my heart. I am so grateful to all these people that have done so much for me", said Sergio.

He only has some words of inspiration and encouragement for all those who are currently in a difficult situation. "I want to tell my sick colleagues that find themselves in the same situation that I was in, that soon they will see the light", Sergio explained.

Paciente Sergio 4

He doesnt want to miss the opportunity to give thanks to all those who have been at his side: family friends, all the teams at Dr. Negrín and Clinic Hospitals, the psychologists, the social workers, the José Carreras Foundation, and above all his donor to whom he gives eternal thanks for giving him a new life.

His plans? Continue enjoying time with his loved ones and LIVE!!!

We thank Sergio for sharing his story with us. We hope that you enjoy life with you daughter and your family. Keep going!

If you want to learn more about the welfare flat programme of the José Carreras Foundation, click HERE.

Help people like Sergio by becoming a member of the cure for leukaemia and haematological malignacies, HERE.  You will help us to continue our research so that one day these diseases will be 100% curable.  With only a little you can do so much. Thank you!

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