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Share with your employees

The company is the people that work in it, and together they can always reach further towards any goal.

Joint involvement between the company and its employees in a common project with a common objective is full of advantages: it strengthens the bonds of membership of workers, generates personal and collective satisfaction, increased motivation and internal cohesion of employees and encourages culture of solidarity.

From José Carreras Foundation we welcome the initiatives by business and its employees, offering our support in any way necessary.

You can promote the participation of your employees in many ways:

-          Increase awareness in employees through internal communication channels.

-          Organize a briefing on bone marrow donation as a form of corporate volunteering.

-          To promote fundraising activities:

  • Shared donation or matching gift. The workers make ​​donations for a project and the company collaborates doubling the amount raised by employees.
  • 1 euro of the salary (Teaming). The company implements a system whereby employees can spend one euro of their monthly salary and give it to the fight against leukemia.

For more information, contact Belen Roldán, head of Corporate Alliances, who will attend you personally: 93 414 55 66 / belen.roldan@fcarreras.es

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