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My daughter's name is Sofia Orozco and she is 4 years old.

Sofía, leukaemia patient

In September she started school and she fell down while playing in the patio. We took her several times to the emergency room, for the child had every day more problems walking. The paediatrician examined her, as well as the orthopaedic, but my daughter kept getting worse. On November 19th I took her to the emergency room at Castellon Hospital and asked the doctors to take some blood tests, for she was very pale and her stomach was swollen. That was at 6 P.M. and at 2 A.M. they sent us to the Fe Hospital, in Valencia, suspecting she had leukaemia.

The truth is that my whole world tumbled. I couldn't believe it, I only asked myself over and over why this was happening to my daughter. There they confirmed that she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

This way we began a new chapter in our life, fighting against the illness. Now she is stable, taking oral chemotherapy every week. Every month they do a lumbar puncture to control how she progresses. The important thing is that God is with us and that my daughter really wants to live.

Sofía, ALL patient

I know that very soon the doctors will tell us that she is cured; it is what I most desire and wish for. Luckily, my daughter hasn't needed a bone marrow transplant but I am a donor to be able to help other children who do need it.

Thank you for listening,

María (Sofia's mom)

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