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Tribute to Hugo

"Hugo died on August 25th, when he was only 8 years old, and after fighting leukaemia for 3 years.

During this period of time he taught us all the meaning of true happiness, if we were sad when we went to see him at the hospital, he would cheer us up. Two months before dying they did a bone marrow transplant, but it didn't work, and on the 25th there was another angel in the sky.

I also want to say that his mother, Isabel, also known as Heis, never lost hope. She would always bring him the homework from school and at the end of the week bring it back to school so that the teachers would grade it. He never lost one grade, and during the time he was at the hospital they created t-shirts decorated and signed by Hugo.

In Memorian, rest in peace."

Curro (Hugo's uncle)

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