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Tribute to Mónika

Mónika fought with all her strength against an acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. After undergoing an umbilical cord blood transplant she got better but, one year later, she relapsed and, unfortunatelly, she wasn't able to beat the battle this time. Nonetheless, her fight spirit and her enormous smile will always be with us.

Paciente Mónika

Hi my name is Mónika, I am 32 years old and in November 2010, I was diagnosed with philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. I have a plan: to confound the statistics. These statistics say that my type of leukaemia is more common in children than in adults, more common in boys than girls and on top of that I have the Philadelphia chromosome-positive which is more characteristic of myeloid leukaemia than lymphoblastic leukaemia. Yes, I have a shot...

I have other plans: live and laugh. Priorities change when you face a disease like this one and you learn to value the smaller things in life. I like to go to Macdonald's with my nephew; to take a walk; to talk to people; to talk to people I love and who love me; to travel; to eat with my friends and family; to sleep in my bed; to laugh; to knit...and lots more. I want to go back and see my family and friends in Argentina, I want to go back to Bruges, I want to celebrate my tenth wedding anniversary with my husband, I want to be normal again, and I want to laugh a lot. I like to laugh until I cry, that is the best medicine.

Due to the philadelphia chromosome I have to have a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately no compatible adult donor has been found and as time counts, I am to undergo an umbilical cord transplant. For this reason I want to thank everyone who is a donor of bone marrow, umbilical cord, blood, platelets, or organs... It is of great importance and really easy to become a donor and it saves lives. Thanks to all the donors, your donations allow us to live.

I also want to thank the doctors, the nurses, and all the team at the Sant Pau Hospital, especially my doctor, Dr. Granell who put me at ease. I want to thank all the researchers, and all those who develop the technology to multiply umbilical cord cells. I would like to thank the José Carreras Foundation for being so close and take charge fo the search for a bone marrow donor. Thank you to all the people who I have met on the internet, who have made my journey a little less lonely, and of course, thank you to my husband and my family for putting up with bad moments and making me laugh.


My blog: http://leucemialinfoblasticaaguda.blogspot.com/

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