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Tribute to Pablo

"If I thought the world would end tomorrow, I'd still plant a tree today".


Pablo with his mum, in a photo that is special to her.

Martin Luther King once said this phrase and Pablo's story represents one of these "trees to plant". His tale is shows why it is crucial that we all unite behind the fight against leukaemia. Pablo was 4 years old and fighting against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when he underwent a bone marrow transplant this June. The compatible donor had been found by the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation but sadly Pablo did not overcome his battle. 

Today Pablo is not with us but his mother, Mayte, collaborator and member of our foundation, wanted to share with us, his story of bravery and love through an article entitled "I now know what comes after death".

For those who accompany someone through a long illness.

"I now know what comes after death. I know because my little son has died. And after death, his death, comes life. The lives of others. To come to terms with his absence. To learn how to live again.

Struck with great sadness and anguish, and drowned in medication, there also comes a lot of peace if you have given everything for him and even happiness in the sadness. A contrast that appeared impossible but now I know it is compatible.

They say that the road is a long one. True. A whole lifetime remains and they say it's going to get harder. I disagree. What could be more difficult than watching your child die in your arms?

What is it like, this road that they tell us lies ahead? It will be as we want it to be!

Some say that it is going to be very tough. I don't want that. I have already lived through a hard time. Why should I have to continue feeling really bad? I say, that I am going to be ok. Others say that we will fall into a dark place but there are no dark places in my home. In this house there is an older sibling who suffers a lot because he doesn't have his brother, but he remains happy. There is a father who suffers from the loss of his son but calm at what he has achieved. There is a mother who suffers but is satisfied with the love that she gave. In this house there is a constant happiness.

Am I scared that their predictions will come true, that the living room or the kitchen will turn dark? Unlikely. All will remain the same. We will continue to work, to live, to love and be loved. Maybe this darkness will be lurking around the corner. Unlikely. In the bank or in the shoe shop, or in my friend's house. Unlikely. All will remain the same. We will manage, we will buy and in my friend's house we will enjoy life. Maybe this darkness will be found in the homes of our family. Unlikely. All will remain the same. There will be happiness, love and despite a sadness for those who are absent, there will be peace. Maybe the darkness will be found in the cinema or when we go out with friends. Unlikely. In these places we will escape and find fun.

The other day I read an Indian tale on a paper bag, that someone was carrying in the street. In the story a grandfather was talking to his grandson. The grandfather said that on the inside there lived two fighting wolves; one which wants to eat people and the other which is full of love. His grandson asked: "Which wolf will win, grandfather?" to which the grandfather replied: "The one which I feed". Therefore I am going to watch my diet. I am going to feed my heart with more love, caring for those who care for me. I am going to feed my mind with dreams and my soul with the memory of my fallen son.

To my family, with happiness. We should all feed ourselves with the wonderful times we shared with him. And in our day to day lives, we have lots of work to make things fun".

We also want to share with you, a tale that Mayte wrote for Pablo: LITTLE PABLO AND THE MAGIC PATH. Mayte explains that, "I wrote it with motivation from my son's illness. It's a kind of fable for life, to see the good side of all things in whatever situation".


A fun image of Pablo.

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