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Vincenzo Nabali's 'jersey' will be auctioned to raise money for the fight against leukaemia

Antena 3 Events, organizing body of ‘La Vuelta a España 2010' have decided to donate the ‘jersey' of the winner, Vincenzo Nabali to the José Carreras Foundation, for a subsequent auction in order to benefit the fight against leukaemia.

Yesterday, the 19th of September 2010, young Alejandro, a 4 year old leukaemia sufferer, was in Madrid to receive the winning ‘jersey' of Vincenzo Nabali in ‘La Vuelta a España 2010', from past champion and technical director of Nabali's team, Abraham Olano.

Vincenzo Nabali's ‘jersey' will be subsequently auctioned for the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia through Socialbid, who are dedicated to the auction of items for the benefit of various non-profit organisations.

The winner's ‘jersey' of La Vuelta 2010 is a very special item, having been designed exclusively by Custo Dalmau. When making the garment, the designer was inspired by the coat of a cheetah. In his own words, "this wild animal has the same strength and spirit of the cyclists during a competition".

La Vuelta 2010 officially began on the 28th of August, in Seville. Present at the closing ceremony was Raúl, a 4 year old ex-leukaemia patient, who received a commemorative jersey.

Raúl Vuelta Ciclista 2010Raúl Vuelta Ciclista 2010

Above, Raúl, happy to receive a ‘jersey' of La Vuelta and below, on the pódium with his parents Pablo and María José, and his sister Yoli.

All the proceeds of this auction will go, in full, towards the work carried out by the José Carreras Foundation against Leukaemia; the promotion of scientific research; the promotion of and search for voluntary bone marrow and umbilical cord blood donors for patients who do not have a compatible family member; the provision of hospital infrastructures; and social services. An example of the latter is the welfare flats for patients and their families who do not have sufficient economic resources and need to travel a long way in order to receive treatment.

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