What do our corporate sponsors say?

At the José Carreras Foundation we are profoundly grateful for the help and support of our corportate sponsors but... what do they think about their contribution to the fight against leukaemia? To find out, we asked several sponsors for their thoughts.

Statement from Karl Scheufele, President of Chopard

"Chopard has collaborated with the José Carreras Foundation for over 15 years and it is important to say that our involvement in a cause as important as the fight against leukaemia is of enormous satisfaction for us. We have had the privilege to be an active part of the Foundation's development on a national and international level, for which we are very proud."

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Statement from José Luis Ferré, Director General of Allianz Seguros

"For Allianz Seguros, the participation in the José Carreras Foundation's awareness campaigns is a demonstration of our firm commitment to the curing of leukaemia and to society in general. As insurers, we are concerned about the peace of mind and security of all people so our alliance with this institution, for which we have the upmost confidence and affection, is a source of great pride and satisfaction."

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Statement from Martin Selles, Director General de Janssen Cilag, S.A.

"Since 2008, we have collaborated with the José Carreras Foundation in in its efforts to achieve a cure for leukaemia. Four years of dreams and hopes, of struggle and learning. Our company is reflected in that duty and solidarity of the José Carreras Foundation. It is a live example of commitment to scientific research and patients, and the work of a team whose professionalism and dedication convert millions of daily illusions into the real value of an organization dedicated to others. A social responsibility whose main value is the people and which is a major concern in our day to day."

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Statement from Carlos Torrandell, Manager of Ayudas DinámicasGeneral, Corporate Member of Honour

"Our motto is that "every day is full of barriers that can be overcome with a little help." It is not enough to live, we want our life to have a valuable meaning, for Ayudas Dinámicas, Social Responsibility is more than words.

Today everyone talks about deficit and financial crisis but they avoid talking about suffering... By collaborating with the José Carreras Foundation we feel part of a story worth telling and we are infected by the courage of those who are part of an unequal fight, like that against leukemia, and with that same brave attitude we approach the future and the challenges of business life."

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Statement of Iñaki Elosua, Financial Director of Checkpoint Systems Spain, Corporate Member

"For me the José Carreras Foundation means hope. Hope for patients because the Foundation is going to be by their side to help them reach that light at the end of the tunnel. And Hope for all their loved ones, because they are not alone in the hard job of supporting and caring for the patient. In my particular case, as the director of Checkpoint Systems and Corporate Member of the Foundation, and as a person who has received first-hand their support to reach that light, I have only one word: Thank you."

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Statement from Carmen González, Manager of the AstraZeneca Foundation

"For the AstraZeneca Foundation it has been a delight to support the José Carreras Foundation's awareness campaign, to encourage and provide optimism to patients in their daily fight against leukaemia and in their plans for the future."

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Statement from Luis Hernández, President of Renta Corporación

"To provide support for causes such as the José Carreras Foundation forms a part of our sphere of operations at the Renta Corporación Foundation. In this way we contribute to a necessary project that is managed in a very effective way."

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