Acracia Altarriba Morera

The only child in a traditional Catalan family, Acracia Altarriba had a sad childhood and full of hardship due to the civil war.

She was only 7 years old, when her republican father, was forced into exile in France. From France he was deported to the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Gusen, where he finally died in 1941. The distress that her mother suffered in the wake of these events would have a lasting effect on the character of Acracia. She became a solitary and apparently cold woman, and she developed the habit of keeping her feelings closely guarded, only confiding in those closest to her.

Acracia was born in Sabadell and lived there until her final days. It was in Sabadell that she began work in a textile factory and she quickly demonstrated a skill on the sewing machine. She gradually assumed more and more responsibilities until she became the head of her department.

Acracia was thin, fair-haired, prudent, guarded and reserved. The work in the factory and the absolute dedication to her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's, were for many years the only life that she knew. She had few friends and she went out very rarely, preferring instead to stay at home. She was obsessed with cleaning and she also liked to read and to sew, an activity in which she demonstrated her delicate touch. The death of her mother awoke a belated affection for music. She discovered opera and even made the trip to hear her favourite tenor, Josep Carreras, in concert.

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