Create your fundraising event

Are you thinking of setting up an event to raise funds for the fight against leukaemia?  


Then, firstly, THANK YOU in capital letters for being UNSTOPPABLE AGAINST LEUKAEMIA. Now that you have decided to set up your own fundraising event, we offer some advice about how to go about it so you can take full advantage of it.

Step by step

1. Read the tutorial on fundraising events  (available only in spanish) carefully (compensation, support, advice on publicity, etc.).

2. Register your event. This is fundamental so that we can contact you. You just have to fill in the form below, according to whether you are an individual or a company or organisation.

3. When we reply we will help you out with everything. No problem!

We look forward to hearing from you!


If you are an individual or registered as self employed, click here.

Juridical person

If you are a company, a school or an organisation and you have a VAT number, click here.

Read the tutorial on fundraising events (available only in spanish) to find out about compensation, support and advice on publicity, etc.

If you want to set up a fundraising event but haven't got a clear idea of what to do, we have prepared an inspiring document (available only in spanish) full of ideas.

If, after reading these documents, you need any help, want to comment on anything or suggest your idea, just contact our fundraising department:

☎ 93 414 41 47 |

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