ADVENT CALENDAR Christmas 2011

"The spirit of Christmas is a door of hope that we can open every day"

Calendario de adviento 1

At the José Carreras Foundation, we think that christmas has a special something that can't be explained, that makes people more sensitive and more charitable.  For us it is a moment of reflection about the year that has passed.  We always remember the patients who will spend christmas in hospital, and those who have won their battle during the year and will spend their first christmas at home, and we also remember those who haven't won their fight and have left a huge void in their families. 

These thoughts, happy or sad, strengthen our resolve to keep fighting for a future WITHOUT leukaemia.  We will ONLY reach this day if we fight TOGETHER and we continue to carry our RESEARCH.

As we did last year, we have created a very special advent calendar for the month of December.  We want to encourage patients, and their friends and family.  We also want to thank all the members of the José Carreras Foundation and the bone marrow and umbilical cord blood donors who have helped us throughout 2011.  This christmas, we all come together against leukaemia.  HELP US TO HELP!

Dia 23 

Open today's window on the advent calendar: 23rd December

This christmas, buy your own Medulín T-shirt HERE.  It is the best present you can give as you will also be making a donation to the fight against leukaemia. 

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