Amgen supports the fight against leukaemia

Today in Barcelona, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical company Amgen has signed an agreement in the headquarters of the Josep Carreras International Foundation to offer sustained support in the fight against leukaemia. Jordi Marti Pi-Figueras, general manager of Amgen and Josep Carreras, president of the Foundation that bears his name, presided at the ceremony. Thanks to the collaboration of Amgen, the Carreras Foundation will use the funds to create a professional internet access to the Bone Marrow Donor Registry or REDMO for Spanish haematologists through the Foundation webpage This material will help and speed up the work of REDMO with Spanish hospitals for the transplants of haematopoietic stem cells. Later, Amgen will support the Josep Carreras Foundation by participating in campaigns for the fight against leukaemia. The professional website REDMO will offer encoded news on the state of research of bone marrow and umbilical cord blood voluntary donors. This page with access limited to Spanish haematologists, will also provide health information on the disease, rules, REDMO forms, protocol for transplants and links of interest for health specialists. In keeping with the rules, the personal details of the patients have been coded to preserve their confidentiality.

Webpage updated 10/02/2023 07:51:46