Amparo García Salomón

The lawyer Amparo García died from leukaemia in Tarragona on the 2nd of September 2006.

She had been diagnosed with the disease two months before she passed away but she had shown many symptoms such as tiredness and feeling generally bad for some time.  A mixture of laziness and fear prevented her from going to the Doctor and when she finally decided to go it was too late. The diagnosis when it came was practically terminal; such was the damage that had been done to her body. Her reaction to the terrible news was something that surprised her family. Her sisters stated that "Amparo was always a very strong woman, which she showed right to the end. She faced death with great integrity, without drama or regret." One thing that she had very clear was that she wanted to leave all that she owned to the José Carreras Foundation to assist the research of leukaemia.

Born in Tarragona on the 9th of July 1952, Amparo dedicated her life to her career. She had fallen in love with law at an early age due to her father who was a reknown lawyer in Tarragona. After completing her studies at El Colegio de las Teresianas in Tarragona she gained her licence to practice law in the law faculty of Barcelona. Upon her return to Tarragona she worked side by side with her father until his death, at which point she took sole charge of the law firm.

Responsible, competent and tireless in her work, her job fulfilled all her ambitions. She remained single, with hardly any free time or close friendships but she enjoyed the love of a family unit that had already been rocked once by the loss of a brother to cancer, at 18 years of age.

Amparo always lived with her parents in a flat in Rambla Nova. After the death of her mother she continued to live in the flat with her twin sister Francesca. At weekends, the family would often visit the house that they had in La Mora. She is remembered as a peaceful and friendly woman, who was excessively absorbed in her work, so much so that she would almost forget who she was or forget to take care of her health... She died a little time after her 54th birthday.

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