Ana and Carlos


DANIELA GALLARDO RIVERO sounds good, doesn't it? We think so. I'm sure Daniela will be the most special girl in her class, the one everyone loves and looks to for advice. Why? Because she WAS NOT JUST BORN OUT OF LOVE BUT ALSO OUT OF A STRUGGLE (and that's in capital letters!) You don't understand what this is about, do you? Who is Daniela? This is her.

Paciente Ana y carlos: daniela

Daniela's parents, Carlos and Ana, are exceptional people. Carlos passed away in June 2009, from leukaemia, after his second bone marrow transplant. "I was left, but both of us had had a dream: to have a child. He always wanted to be a father; it was a big dream of his. Although it was difficult because of the time pressure (by law it needed to be hurried along); in December I had an artificial insemenation with my husband's previously frozen sperm. Now I am pregnant and she will be a girl and her name will be Daniela Gallardo Rivero." Ana explains.

It isn't a conventional story and obviously it is very sad but at the same time it gives us a good dose of positive energy. "Carlos is still here but now he is living through his future daughter and smiling wherever he is because in spite of the illness he still has reasons to smile, at least this is what I like to believe," says Ana.

"This was our dream, it was our way of beating the leukaemia and this is my way of saying that the illness hasn't beaten us. I encourage everybody to keep fighting, not to give up, to keep smiling through the bad moments , but above all - to keep on having dreams," comments Ana.

Paciente Ana y carlos
Ana, looking through the window in Carlos' isolation room.

Ana, we believe you are more than BRAVE and we are unable to express our admiration in words. You are not alone, Daniela will always be there and we are sure she will be an exceptional woman. You have decided to give her the chance to be born and join you in the fight against Leukaemia. You haven't chosen the easy way but certainly the most satisfying.

You can find out about Ana and Carlos' story in their blog "Cromosoma Phi+".

March 2010

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