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Paciente Ana, sick

In the first Photo, Ana during her treatment. In the photo below, Ana nowadays.

Paciente Ana, nowadays

Hello everyone, I'm Ana. I'm going to tell you my story: it was Ewing's sarcoma which interrupted my plans for the future. In February 2008, I was diagnosed but after a year of chemotherapy and radiotherapy I now only have check-ups every three months.

I would like to stress that during this year I have had to face up to a situation which not only affected my day to day life but everything around me. My family, my friends and everyone around me have gone out of their way to make sure I have been looked after in the best possible way. This couldn't have been done without the marvellous medical team who treated me and the insuperable hospital foundations.

In my case a bone marrow transplant wasn't necessary but I needed blood transfusions and platelets to be able to recuperate. It's for this reason that I encourage everybody to give blood as well as bone marrow because it really does play a vital role in the recuperation of all patients.

Now, after finishing my treatment, I have returned to my daily life. Everything which I used to long for and seemed unreachable, has become reality: I've gone back to playing tennis, going to school, being independent...feeling good every day!

My plans for the future are simple: to live each day without thinking about the long term, just taking each day as a new challenge.

July 2009

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