Angela Pérez Monsonís

Ángela Pérez passed away in Barcelona aged 79. She was a widow without children or siblings, and shortly before she died she decided to leave everything she owned to the José Carreras Foundation.

Her parents, who were natives to Castellón, emigrated to Marseille after their marriage in search of work. It was in Marseille that Ángela was born but years later the family returned to Spain and settled in Barcelona. Her father earned a modest wage that hardly covered their basic needs, so Ángela began working at a young age, in the Philips factory. She stayed in this role until she retired. She married Francisco Remiguel and together they had a son but sadly he passed away shortly after birth.

Following the death of her mother, her father re-married but it was his daughter who provided most care until his final days. The death of her father was followed only a few months later by the death of his second wife, which left Ángela feeling very alone. She had relations with no one except her neighbour Ofelia, with whom she was quite close. Ofelia remembers Ángela as a good person who had been dealt some bad luck in life but she struggles to add much more because she too is an elderly lady and has started to suffer from memory loss.

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