As the musical “Les Miserables” bids farewell to Barcelona the organizers of the show have decided to dedicate a function to the fight against leukaemia

“Les Miserables” is saying goodbye to Barcelona by organizing a charity function. Collaborate by purchasing your tickets now!

Stage Entertainment, producer of "Les Miserables", has organized a special charitable function of the show to benefit the José Carreras Foundation, on the 13th of March at 8.30pm.  The aim is to raise funds for the fight against leukaemia.  "Les Miserables" is the most seen show this season and is only available to see until the 18th of March when it will leave Spain.

The audience that attends the Barcelona Teatre Musical on the 13th of March will be supporting the José Carreras Foundation with the purchase of their ticket.  The Foundation is fights everyday to reach a clear objective: that leukaemia will be 100% curable.  The function on the 13th of March will also be attended by a very special guest as José Carreras himself will be present.

"Les Miserables" has been a leader at the box office in Barcelona, as more than 150,000 spectators have seen the show.  The musical of the century, taking into account the extraordinary milestones and critical acclaim that it has achieved, is saying goodbye to Barcelona after two successful seasons with more than 600,000 spectators.

It is for this reason that "Les Miserables" wants to say goodbye in a unique and special way.  The organizers want to support a prestigious institution and benefit a good cause, and have therefore chosen the José Carreras Foundation.

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