Become a member of leukaemia's healing

Thanks to your frequent contributions you will help save the lives of people who suffer from leukaemia.

Of course you can decide the precise way in which you want to become a member of the Foundation, contributing the amount and frequency that is most convenient to you. However, to make things a little easier we suggest a few ideas below...


 For example


donativo 10 euros

With 10 Euros a month you could help us to improve the lives of leukaemia patients. This amounts to 120€ a year which is approximately the cost of the annual cleaning, electricity and water bill in one of our welfare flats for patients and their families. Patients use this facility when they are forced to travel a long distance to receive treatment. In addition, these families have precarious economic situations and they would not be able to afford the cost of a temporary apartment on their own.

25 euro donation

With 25€ a month we could provide the 5 best umbilical cord blood units to a hospital for a patient in need of a transplant but who does not have a compatible family member. 3 out of every 4 patients with leukaemia and other hematological malignancies who require a stem cell transplant (Bone marrow or umbilical cord blood) have to resort to the assistance of the José Carreras Foundation, through the Bone Marrow donors Registry. We search all over the world for the most compatible donor with the patient.

40 euro donation

With 40€ a month we could provide a monthly internet for the Foundation's welfare flats. Due to their immunodeficiency the patients are required to spend many hours indoors to avoid possible infections. The internet could provide a form of light entertainment, in addition to the access it offers to a multitude of information and documentation. Patients would also enjoy the service of the Foundation's online forum, which provides very effective emotional support.

100 euro donation

With 100€ a month we could provide a better future for many leukaemia patients. This amounts to 12,000€ a year which is the cost of a scientific investigation during 4 months. The José Carreras Research Institute is a pioneer biomedicine centre and it has become the first research centre in Spain exclusively dedicated to researching leukaemia and other blood diseases and one of the very few in the world.

letras THANK YOU 

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