Denial of published information concerned alleged financial suport by Mr. Plácido Domingo and Fundación Hermosa to Mr. Josep Carreras

In relation to the information published in different websites referring to a supposed financing by a Hermosa Foundation and Mr. Plácido Domingo of Mr. José Carreras’ leukaemia treatment, the José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation and Mr. José Carreras himself feel compelled to deny all these in formations, especially refuting that any relationship exists or has ever existed between the pretended Hermosa Foundation and Mr. Carreras. No financial assistance from Mr. Domingo nor from said Hermosa Foundation, whose existence is totally unknown to him, nor from any other source was ever requested, neither received.
Moreover, Mr. José Carreras has a special interest in stating that friendship, profound admiration and mutual respect have always presided his relationship with Mr. Domingo. Mr. José Carreras has started legal action in defence of his own interest and right to honour and has the firm intention of legally acting against any person or corporation publishing non-confirmed and untrue informations on his person.

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