Paciente Diego

"Hello everyone, my name is Diego, I am 36 years old and I am from Argentina.  When I was 15, I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Well, I have been through the same thing as many people that have told their story here: uncertainty and anguish.  I want to talk a little about the before and after.

I was a very depressed child with lots of guilt and fears, and thus I couldn't live happily, although I laughed out loud a lot to keep up the pretence of a normal life.  Deep down I had little ambition in life, or perhaps it is better to say that I didn't know what it meant to live.  I didn't value life.

After my illness and everything that has happened, including the chemotherapy, I learnt in that year and a half in a hospital bed, the real meaning of life; the beauty and value of being healthy, and above all how useless it is to live with fear.  Whoever lives with fear cannot live, because with fear, we cannot love...anyone, not even ourselves.  With that in mind I ask that you love yourselves and that you value life.

Today I am a father and I have a beautiful son who makes me laugh and teaches me new things all the time.  I live happily and I am a person who is always learning.

Warmest regards to everyone and keep going! If I could do it you can too!"


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