One day, anywhere and in any circumstances, life puts you on the edge. But the abyss is only the path to be able to keep walking with those whom we love and whom we hold on to, those of us who, because of the circumstances, see ourselves in the position of:

-          Letting ourselves go because of the illness and be pitied

-          Be people who have confidence in their luck

Diego, chronic myeloid leukaemia patient

During the summer of 2004, a test of faith came knocking on my door and my door opened. That opening threw me into the deepest bitterness, but in turn introduced me to something I had with me and that was my "real strength", my colleague who has always known how to be and put me face to all the challenges and overcome all adversities. I will never be able to thank enough the PRESENCE, PERSISTENCE, TENACITY AND LOVE, which have been the blessing and strength to overcome my real test of faith.

After the discovery of my leukemia, it took me a while to start treating it and, during that time, my whole life flashed before my eyes instantly. Fear and doubt drowned me, yet all around me took a new dimension in which my old self faded and a new air penetrated my life. They were all there for me and I was there for myself, for my fight. That is the most real thing of all, the struggle, the nothing is impossible, the fact that everything can be overcome and for one reason or other, I'm still here today. Perhaps the fact of not mourning, of not carrying forward the name of your fight causes abnormal situations that sometimes lead you to suffering but before all is the gratefulness to everyone for everything.

My struggle has not been as difficult as that of others, perhaps because of the success in the choice of my treatment (Imatinib) in tablets, which has led to the absence of other complications, however, on the way, there are other struggles that hurt you and where you can't do anything and, sometimes, these struggles do not lead to victory and the pain of loss (Aurora and Valero), take you back to the deep dark path, obfuscation and even misunderstanding. In the end, the traveler makes his way, even in the deepest darkness, protected by those hands that hold you alive on the precipice of living.

Tests results have always been headed in the right direction, thanks to my guide, Dr. María Pilar López Garrido and her assistants, to whom I am eternally grateful for their efforts and meticulous care.

I don't want to pass by this opportunity to mention something that worries me deeply, never stop supporting people in their struggle, distantly, anonymously, or even elusively. When the fight starts it is to win it, but when you start winning it but losing your supports, the pain and emptiness is so big that it is beyond comprehension.


Diego during the Week Agains Leukaemia 2012

Diego, during the Week Against Leukaemia 2012, giving out dypthics

During the fight it is important to remember that what we have right now, we can lose it tomorrow and vice versa, but every step you take, you take it for what you're looking for, and that search enriches your life and the faith of those who are always with you during the fight.

The best thing, in the end, is to share your fight with your family and to let know others about your experience.

If you want more information about the donation of bone marrow to help people like Diego (and many other patients) to have the opportunity of a cure, click HERE. Remember that the donation of bone marrow is altruistic, anonymous, and universal. If you register as a bone marrow donor, you could be making a donation to a person from anywhere in the world. If you want more information, write to donants@fcarreras.es or call us on our free phone number (in Spain) 900 32 33 34.

You could also become a member of the José Carreras Foundation. With a little amount you could help us to continue our research.

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